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What Is The Smell Of Ork?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Dolevar, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Krake Hakula Arkhona Vanguard

    They smell like burned mushrooms when I gulf them in flames with my holy incendiary. :D
  2. Nostramo Born NostramoBorn Forum Beta Tester

    As others mentioned, probably a mixture of really dank fungus, rotted tree bark, dried blood, oil, and gun-smoke.
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  3. Fireeye Fireeye Well-Known Member

    A mixture of cheap fungus beer, sweat, gunpowder, oil, and a bit more cheap fungus beer.
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  4. Blood God Kaos Active Member

    for whatever reason, i think orks smell like cabbage gunpowder and oil. o and cigar smoke, lots of cigar smoke.
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  5. Arlin Arlin Member

    They smell like all those pretty colors when you eat them. Shrooms. Yum.
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  6. Imagine...heaven

    except its not heaven

    and its green

    and it has two legs.


    it also has a small butt, butt thats okay because



    Up close

    you smell the smell of green and dirty flowers

    and then you realize

    you're actually playing world of warcraft

    Wait what was the question again?
  7. Whatever is in da Squig drops. Every ork takes a trip to the drops at least once a day, so they always wind up smelling like whatever's in the drops.
  8. Loadza Dakka Skull_Splitta Well-Known Member

    Da 'ell is wiv all dese 'umies invadin dis fread?

    To a human, they probably smell really bad. Evil Sunz, not as much, because they probably smell mostly like smoke and gas (not THAT gas, I mean the fuel gas).
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  9. Gruk'Lok Blakk Klaw Blakklaw Arkhona Vanguard

    A proppa' Ork should smell like Dakka!
    n nuffin' more.
    Fuel like smell, accompanied by Blood and Gunpowder.
    And perhaps abit of Roses in the morning from the fungus.

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