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What Is Necromunda And Why Is It Dead?

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by The_Dokta, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Sorry, but the real Inqusition shut that down real hard about 500 years ago. Santa Muerte is the new death cult in town, though I'd steer well clear, as the Narcos worship her ;)

    P.S. I highly recommend the War God series by Graham Hancock for a fantastical account of the clashing of the Spanish and Aztecs.

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  2. Ratas Ratas Arkhona Vanguard

    Specialist games books were freely available in their website as a PDF few years before it was finally killed off. One might expect they are easily found in the net still, but I have no idea if it is legal or not share / download a copy of something that was available freely before the public site went down. I guess that's up to whoever owns the right nowdays.

    Anyway, got a digital copy of all the games back then, though I have most as printed versions too.

    Indeed, game being dead keeps the rules steady. And these games were more about campaign and fun than tournament play anyway, so if gaming friends are interested, kicking a campaign up and running shouldn't be too hard.

    Modelwise, eBay has quite a few of old models for sale and chaos cultists and IG jungle fighters would be reasonable startingpoint for many gangs too. If your group is not full of GW purists, other manufacturers make decent models too.

    For the reasons, why it's dead, GW killed Specialist Games who were running all the old smaller GW games some years ago. Small part of their business not bringing enough money in for the cost to keep miniatures available I'd recall. Information about the closing of Specialist Games should, too, be easily found with Google.

    Edit: I think the rights went to Fantasy Flight Games, we might one day see something interesting to be done with Necromunda rights, but wouldn't hold my breath waiting.
  3. Pit-slaves were a really nice faction in it and had some really good figures. The Arbites were a straight take/rip on the Judges from 2000AD but it fit the setting.

    I used to like Gorkamorka as well, that's a whole different story though!
  4. In fairness a remarkable amount of 2000AD's talent heavily influenced Warhammer in both universes. Some of the earliest Chaos rulebooks retain artwork which looks distinctly similar to the old Slaine comics, Gordon Rennie (quite a prominent Judge Dredd author) penned a number of stories for the company, and Dan Abnett himself wrote for a number of their strips.
  5. Is anyone aware of any official publications or well made fanon Underhive maps?

    I picked up some lore on it (since my obsession impulse has been tickled) and noticed a series of named locations that could be plotted into a proper campaign map. Dot Dust Falls and Down Town, those could be a frame of reference as from Survival Instinct they sounded like they were centralized. It seems like with some guesswork and theorycraftimg it could be done.
  6. Kal Jerico was the star of a number of Necromunda stories, both in the comic they used to do and then in Novels.

    I think they also had stories about a Redemptionist cult on Necromunda in the old comic as well.
  7. The Redeemer: "If it doesn't hurt, it doesn't count."
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  8. I've picked up a few of their novels, which is what brought it up.

    Really I've noticed a few fundamental flaws that must have held this back. They should have combined the Rulebook and the Sourcebook, released a proper Underhive map and just generally pumped more of the lore into it. I mean come on, 3 separate rulebooks for a game that generally involves 9 models. Man this thing had potential, like Dark Heresy but with actual models. Instead of milking it they could have done the 3 Rulebooks and gone for campaign suppliments, additional Hives, maybe a Plague Zombies and other faction additions.

    Three Omnibus' worth of lore, it really doesn't need to be dead.
  9. My 2 favorite gangs :D
    The Adeptus Arbite captain really did it for me, I love how they kind of have a judge dread feel.
    I haven't played Necromunda since a kid but yeah loved Escher as well, this artwork from the Rule book really stuck in my head :D
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  10. These days House Escher somewhat reminds me of the Girls/Ladies from Sin City's Old Town.
    Very sexy, but also very deadly!

    And let's not forget Mad Donna Ulanti!

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