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What Is Combat Like In Eternal Crusade?

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by BrentEllison, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. So... When comes the Beta? I enrolled for the Beta.
    PS: Hope You Keep your hard work guys, I am proud that the 40k-license is used by such an awesome Team!

  2. It sounds short, but in ingame terms, two seconds is an incredebly long time.
    Imagine there are the very few Eldar, one is dying, anotherone would want to revive him.
    Guess what happens, the enemie would just spam fire on them, waiting untill every Eldar is downed and then execute them.

    If I compare it with Gears of War, where you have instant revives, and even there it is dangerous to revive a team mate, it is a propper time scale.
    What should be ajusted, that the revive/executiontime depends on victim and exejutioner(i.e. fast killing Eldar, hard to execute Space Marines), and also that it is possible/easy(er) to kill a downed enemie (so you don't have your never dying army)
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  4. dont worry i have safed the day :)
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  5. Sorry :(
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    2 seconds is preeetty short, if you think about the fact that everyone can revive. In PS2, I think a maxed medic gun takes 2-4 seconds(dunno exactly), but there are few of them; also TTK is much shorter. If everyone could revive, I would go for 5-6 seconds for main classes, maybe longer but upgradeable, and ~2-3 for support classes.
  7. Yeah, but that's a medic gun, which means that you're not stuck in an animation, in EC we will be stuck in an animation and thus it could happen that we might not stay in cover where we would like to.
    Also like I said it could be unbalance the factions if we go for a too long time for everyone, as a Space Marine may not be harmed by a few shots while reviving a mate, and Eldar or Ork would die fast and that makes it unattractive for these factions (thus unbalancing the system like I said)

    I would be fine if a Space Marine needs 4 seconds for a revive while an Eldar may needs only 2, or something simmilar
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    How about feature like was in Borderlands or Left For Dead, when if you take fatal damage, you will lay on the ground but can still shoot and if you kill something, you get Second Wind and get revived... Well probably too silly, but at least you could do something on the ground while others can try to res you.
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    That wouldn't be good, you could be more effective in killing your enemies while on the ground than while standing straight due to the fact that you would be harder to hit, kinda paradox - a bad one. If you're grounded you're grounded, lying on ya back and thinking of the Emperor\Chaos gods\Gorka Morka\Eldar stuff, nothing more.
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    Also Imo it would be good to have longer time to revive and also if you take damage while doing so, reviving will be canceled.

    In middle of combat reviving would not be so easy with mechanics like this.

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