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What Is Combat Like In Eternal Crusade?

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by BrentEllison, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Slump Slump DrSlump-B Active Member

    a greenhorn is the one who controls that "200 years old marine".
    I don't read sth like this, what is "real" warhammer 40k combat? You mean roll the dices, make your moves and wait for your tun?
  2. space marines don't start out as battle harden veterans, there our "greenhorn" space marines.

    getting that level up animation and dynamic movement is probably very process heavy and would lag the game to much for there goal of 1000 dude battles

    Also the hell is sth?
  3. ScarPe New Member

    it is amazing and i love this game, yes.
    but have you seen multiplayer too?

    its not as good.
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  4. And thats what EC is based on, improving upon the space marine multilayer.
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  5. Fox Fox Active Member

    If the pico server holds, it'll already be an improvement on Space Marine. I found lag to be the primary problem with Space Marine. Even if it wasn't strong lag, you'd still be delayed 1 second or so. That's easily enough time to be mowed down by heavy bolter fire or chopped up by a chainsword because you needed that 1 extra second to get out of the way. You'd wind up rolling behind cover then suddenly falling over dead because the bolter damage caught up to you late.
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  6. Most replies on site, ggwp.
  7. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    Big stuff the past few weeks: Vehicle turrets getting started, improvements to jump packs and melee combat (including a deeper guard system) and lots of playtesting! Sorry for my long absence in the meantime!

    ==Block Window==
    We were all big fans of Chivalry when it came out, so we discussed this option. Our main concern is a good network experience, however, and this style of system emphasizes split-second reactions that aren't always going to be as responsive as they should compared to a more state-based guard. Our goal is to create a tactical melee system where two Assault characters make decisions and try to out-think each other, and if we can we'd like to keep the quality of the network connection out of the equation!

    ==Power Armour Optics Layout==
    That's a question for Nicolas!

    ==Terminator Sprints==
    As some people have sussed out, I'm talking about similar top speeds (but lower acceleration) for the sprint, which is not something you hold down all the time but more like a roadie run in Gears of War. So while a melee Terminator will not be at its best in an open field, it should still be pretty damn fearsome indoors like it was intended. Of course, kiting is always a potential headache for melee so we intend to test this thoroughly!

    ==Stealing Vehicles==
    As a standard mechanic, this is not intended. We're CONSIDERING some special mechanics for the appropriate faction, however. You know the one.
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  9. Luciasar Luciasar Well-Known Member

    Yikes, that's a big consideration that hasn't been discussed much. I remember trying to block and parry PvP invaders back in Dark Souls (which had crappy network lag), and it was an absolute PAIN. You had to predict their motions a couple fractions of a second in advance, so that they would propagate properly over the network and hit the window in time.

    Is there going to be staggering and other posture-related stuff in EC that requires special windows players have to hit to get damage in? Just how bad are you anticipating the network lag to be when it comes to CC?

    If I see one looted Falcon with Gork and Mork symbols all over it, my psyche is personally going to spawn a whole new chaos god. Of indignation. His name will be Nürdraggeus, and the galaxy will burn.
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  10. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Yer' shiny gubbinz will look nice in scrap. Also preemptive kudos on going on a god creating streak.

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