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What Is Combat Like In Eternal Crusade?

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by BrentEllison, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. White Mayne New Member

    I think this makes since. I hope it plays out this way.
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  2. Ultenth Ultenth First Blood!

    Although not represented in Space Marine, the lore had no problem with them taking cover, in fact it was a very important part of the DOW series, and much of the fighting takes place in fortresses, trenches, and other forms of cover in the TT, Rpg, and books.
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  3. Bungala Bungala Subordinate

    Well i have a few questions,
    1- what is the system/mechanic of melee combat? Is it like mount and blade(chivalry, war of the roses etc) style or is it just gonna be block and attack spam without control of swing etc?
    2- 5 primaries classes. Considering sm roles; devastator, assault, tactical, terminator, librarian, techmarine, chaplain and apothecary my question is that will all be in the game at launch? (i dont know why i didnt count dreadnoughts and scouts)
    3- Related to second question. Basicly what would be the choices? Assult, Devastator, Tactical, Apot(?) and Terminator. Isn't apots a bit rare considering a space mahreens biology.
    4- Combi weapons?
    5- Are we going to lose weapons when we die and go back to our generic class weapons?

    Note: Not a native speaker so i am sorry for grammar mistakes.
  4. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    Phew, lots of activity while I was asleep! I'll save a few things for the AMA tomorrow and then get some of this info up on the top later this week.

    Just some really quick stuff:

    Combat is our very first priority in the game's development, and thus Ranged v Melee and the challenges of jump packs are what we are testing right now. This will continue for the next 2 years, and a combination of internal playtests & tweaking, feedback from the community and metrics will be the keys to sorting it out.

    Right now the philosophy on Melee vs Ranged is that as long as a Melee guy is exposed and out of melee range, the Ranged guy has the advantage. Once the Melee guy gets within melee range, the Melee guy has the advantage. Depending on the loadouts, this scenario will vary a great deal, as some Melee-focused guys may be able to take more hits or move faster, and some Ranged guys may have more Melee capability or are better at getting away. For maximum survivability, you want your team to be prepared to deal with any situation, but there will be circumstances where the enemy out-thinks you and pops in with a specialized squad that you either didn't plan for or didn't have the resources to deal with.

    On jump packs, we will be experimenting specific mechanics for ground units to counter them (melee hits temporarily disabling them, for example), but level design will really make a huge difference here compared to Space Marine. In the tight deathmatch & domination maps of Space Marine, the Assault units could really get the jump on you, but in spaces made for a massive MMO the viability of those packs will vary wildly. If you're up on the ramparts with an enemy horde advancing on your position, people taking to the air too early will be like giant targets. Likewise, an assault unit may be able to leap to the top of a munitorium and get inside for a surprise attack, but the tight interiors won't let them make use of their aerial powers. Of course, we WILL create circumstances where assault units have the advantage, but we'll do the same for heavy units, tactical units, etc. The key to victory will always be bringing the right tools to the situation and being righter than the enemy.

    Accuracy vs Recoil - yes, those are definitely different things and the distinction is already in the game. ;)

    Power Scythes, etc - Those sorts of things will be in the game eventually, but our first priority is always what is most iconic about a faction, class, etc.

    Abilities - Of course there are abilities, just not an ability bar, as stated. Psykers can pick their powers and shoot them off and there are other activated abilities. The number of them mapped to specific buttons are limited, but one example that already appeared in this thread is the Space Marine power to damage people when you take off with your jump pack. Non-psychic abilities will generally be more contextual - think of games like Prototype or Infamous where you unlock cool new powers that are directly connected to gameplay. Or Dark Souls for that matter, like the special powers certain swords have when you wield them two-handed.

    TTK - Longer than Call of Duty, shorter than Borderlands!

    Character Investment - this is HUGELY important to us, so even though you have the ability to change between the basic classes, there are choices with consequence to be made that relate to your progression. Chapter/craftworld/clan is something that can't be changed, and we are looking at other areas as well where your investments are not easily reversed. Even the basic progression within a class is something that you will make bigger and bigger investments into over time. Although we won't be going as far as they do, EvE Online has no real limitations on your initial character even though you can become truly specialized and sought out for that specialization. In Eternal Crusade if you want to be the guy that people come to when they need jump pack support, you can make it happen.
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  5. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    @Bungala under the wire but since I'm still here...

    1- No swing control a la WotR & Chivalry planned but if people are just spamming I'll have done a crummy job ;)
    2- We are planning almost all of those for launch in one form or another - anything that doesn't make it into launch should come shortly afterwards.
    3- Any time you don't bring an apothecary to a battle you risk the progenoid gland being lost forever! In the lore.
    4- Yes to combi-weapons.
    5- You should not be losing weapons when you die.
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  6. Froggie Froggie Member

    i am curious as well, for melee combat, is it going to be where i click my left mouse button and do a basic slash like in warhmmer 40k space marines or are you going to have combo moves that allow you to stun your opponent. also during melee combat, if both fighters swing are there going to be weapon dead locks where you have to button mash to over power your opponent ?
  7. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    Can you chain combos in melee like you could in SM? I really liked doing it because it had a rhythm that helped dictate the flow of combat.
  8. Brother Kant Elrik Cons Subordinate

    I'm curious how death works. There are no forms of resurrection in the Warhammer 40k universe, yet it would be disappointing to have a character die permanently!
  9. PS2 is the only game I know of that canonically deals with player deaths (something about massive cloning vats or somesuch). I don't think this is a major issue.
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  10. Stormbringer Wolffkhran Subordinate

    Totally satisfying if you're the one ending their virtual lives though.

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