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What Founders Packs Were Including?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by volimnir0, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Possessed Chaos Lord volimnir0 Steam Early Access

    Dude you put some armor names there and I asked what are them. How the hell the answer to every question in this forum is being Nothing?!

    Noice. I did same thing with my Word Bearers too. But how to name 'em? Dunno.

    But some of them cost billions? ☻

    What these two words stand for? ☻

    Huh? Change color or change something and resell wut? Wut you are talking about dude?

    You can! Go pay them 1000 dollars and they will make your artificier armor BITCH!
  2. Viking Vking Arkhona Vanguard

    this is quite amazing watching those 2 trying to communicate with each other.
  3. Possessed Chaos Lord volimnir0 Steam Early Access

    Would you like me trying to communicate with you? ☻
  4. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    the pinnacle of human evolution
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  5. Possessed Chaos Lord volimnir0 Steam Early Access

    What packs were including? Nobody has answered. Why are the people always like that, instead of answering main questions they are choosing the trolling side. :/
  6. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    i'm just having fun

    we all know now that we can't do nothing

    so many games that come out, in 2 wks i'm gone

    election time in my country is in May 2019, i'm busy giving advice (51 people)

    and then preparing to go to Japan in Christmas

    so having fun

    @volimnir0 no one will answer you (game dead), some of us are even afraid of buying stuff (because we don't know if they close the game in a week or a month)

    we are losing players (and they are doing nothing but adding new stuff like other near dead games in steam)

    but even almost dead game still do maintenance, check server and game stability (this game nothing)

    last post, good luck
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  7. Possessed Chaos Lord volimnir0 Steam Early Access

    You're gone? How you dare to leave us?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! FUCK ANY OTHER GAMES THAN 40K GAME EC! How you dare to leave some game that you would pay 1000 dollars of an armor of!

    Why you busy giving advice? What's your job? ;D

    Ooh, katana samurai time!

    You should answer me! That doesn't matter if the game is dead or not! I've asked a question and it should have been answered. Just because the game has dead doesn't mean you shouldn't answer me! I'm pretty sure they won't close the game AND I HOPE! Well Space Marine hasn't been closed yet. Why would EC be closed? Because EC's population is good now.

    We shouldn't!

    Adios, kid.
  8. КТО МЫ ТО ????????БЛЯТЬ..
  9. Possessed Chaos Lord volimnir0 Steam Early Access

  10. Xenos Pack was $450 starting and then whatever add-ons you wanted. By the end the packs basically gave nothing but RTC and then while the window of opportunity was open you spent it on things. It was more or less a free-for-all.

    It was all poorly managed, poorly implemented, poorly priced, and a huge disappointment.

    Sadly I was one of the people who supported the game the whole way through and the large majority of what we'd been enticed by never made it in. However, there's one guy who's a Prince from an Arabian country whom bought something like 100 Xenos packages, I don't recall his user name, but I feel sorry for him in particular.

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