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What does Mark of Tzeentch make you well suited for?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Protilious, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Prot Protilious Recruit

    After a fair amount of experimenting I'd have to agree with you guys.

    I'd recommend staying away from MoT... it feels broken compared to the others. I just die from a nasty fart in my general direction. No fun.
  2. Paeyvn Paeyvn Well-Known Member

    You forgot the most important reason: the voice.

    Seriously though, I weep every day as Tzeentch is my favorite by far in lore, I love Thousand Sons, and I loved the Mark on here for a long time as well. It got hit really hard though when the revamp got brought back up a little bit on the Sorc, but if it's viable, it's barely viable. Honestly, best Sorc nowadays is undivided running the base warp regen.

    MoT does still work on Traitors/Traitor Assaults though. Have had good luck with it on Raptor since they brought supports/jpas back up recently.
  3. Once upon a time, in a game far far away, I too dreamed of maining a Mark of Tzeentch Sorcerer.
    Some day. Some day^tm.
  4. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    It really dones't work anything special. Not even with traitor, or GA.

    The amount of HP you lose, it's far more important than the irrelevant regen you get.
    You just die so fast, that it doesn't matter how fast your armor regen.

    Either you make all the way, or you don't.
    There's is no middle ground for regens.

    As for sorcerers, the powers are not so great either way. So yeah undivided...Or just MoT for LOLZ
  5. Prot Protilious Recruit

    Tell me about it. I have 2000 points of painted Thousand Sons and My Ahriman is my avatar. It's a bit of a bummer. I'm holding on to the rest of my AP and I don't want to waste anymore on Tzeentch points for my Sorc.
  6. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    I know that Mark of Tzeentch marines, are nothing near Thousand Son material....
    But still something could be improved on what the mark of tzeentch is right now.

    and it sure as hell does not make you have less HP....

    Then there's the psychic powers....which for "the Lord of sorcerers" he surely takes a lot of shit from the "lord of boltorz"...
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  7. Mark of Tzeentch becomes more powerfull the more Armor you have.
    It's a common mark upon Veteran-Classes, as they got 200+ Armor, and if that's recharging quickly, hell jeah.

    For anyone not a Veteran or a Traitor, the Mark of Tzeentch is quite difficult to bear. You have to play a lot of Peek-a-boo, hiding behind cover and regenerating
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  8. MrMaksimus MrMaksimus Steam Early Access

    I find it quite usfefull with 1 of my Veteran Traitor loadouts along with the felwrought Plasma Gun. The amrour is more than enaugh to protect me when I pop out of cover to fire a few uncharged shots or a single scharged shot then pop back into cover, cool off the gun, get the armor back quickly, pop back out again, rince and repeat. The Health debuff isnt as much of an issue with this setup.

    Also use it on the Sorcerer for the healign spell (healing potential is meh but at least I dont have to keep channelign it, so I can just pop it and do somethign else or move on to my next "patient") and for the extra charge from the Evil Eye Pedant.

    Although I do agree the mark could use some work. Either changign the mark itself or more items that work off it. to provide more benefits for Sorcerers and/or ranged damage. Some Tzeench only unqiue weapons would help too, like Inferno Bolters.
  9. James Aringhe Ordinate

    ^ Pretty much this. Take it with a vet and you'll see just how useful it is. Regenerating the whole of your 300+ armor in <5 seconds is quite powerful. I find myself running out of ammo constantly with my SoT and burning through half of my pistol ammo before I decide to retreat and get more ammo.

    Unless I insta-die from a Lascannon or Ork cannon. Screw those things.
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  10. Prot Protilious Recruit

    Does this include Sorc?

    I dropped the warp blast channel, and tried flickering flames for a while and I don't think it's worth the charges. A lot of that Tzeentch tree feels very useless. I understand not every power is going to be gold, but a lot of it feels like filler and pretty underwhelming.

    I'm not saying I want to summon a bunch of Pink Horrors on the field and do a "Gaze of Magnus" through 20 loyalists on a window sill... wait a second that sounds pretty good, and 'balanced'. ;)

    Still I fight on with my Sorc, but I do not like him as a bolter Vet, I am continously shocked how easy I die. Sometimes I literally barely register being hit and am on the ground. Comparing this to other toons (marines for example ) with similar load outs makes this feel worse.

    As a Sorc with MoT, I feel I'm a better asset to my team supporting with health as best I can, rez'ing and buffing. Sure, I have to hide, and I often am in the rear of the group, swinging a sword because others typically try to gank me, but at least I have function. When I take that mark with a bolter I feel like.... a guardsman running around in a t-shirt.

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