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What does Mark of Tzeentch make you well suited for?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Protilious, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Prot Protilious Recruit

    So most my time is on my Tzeentch Sorc. I just got warp blast... or should I say fuzzy beachball. What a waste of points, but I suppose it's mandatory to reach Exalted Sorc.

    I have been playing my Sorc as a healer, but since I took MoT, people have told me it's a terrible mark because of all the negatives it brings to the table. I've been playing him with a Force Axe, used with Force, and I do find with 'smart/conservative' play I get a fair amount of melee kills.

    Am I doing this wrong? What build would best suit a MoT? Should I drop Sorc and use Tzeentch with a different build altogether? What does Tzeentch excel at?

    I'll be honest I have a long background with the tabletop/background of 40K and I expected it to be a ranged monster... so seeing Warp Blast completed deflated those expectations. Any suggestions ?
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  2. Threule Threule1994 Firebrand

    Being the squad leader in PVE, thats the only thing
  3. Tzeentch for the Tzeentch banner if I'm SL and there's a ton of Traitor or Havocs in the squad. I only have one Traitor loadout since I main TA and Raptor.
  4. With the current Meta Tzeentch Sorcerer has you best suited for the role of easy kill healbot. Low survivability, offensive spell is nerfed from the starting point of mediocrity, unique heal spell is mediocre, and btw if you don't invest in armor a single strong attack from just a combat knife will take off all your armor and bring you down to about 1/3 health. From the front.

    In short, MoT Sorcerers were shafted, MoT in general is pretty mediocre, only Marck of Khorne is worse.
  5. Prot Protilious Recruit

    Uhg... why did they do this? Tzeentch is supposed to be able to draw upon furious warp power... in the background, on the tabletop.

    The low survivability thing is definitely getting me killed. For a long time I was getting blicked. Every Space Marine hit felt like it was coming from Guilliman!

    This really sucks. I play Thousand Sons... I wanted to be a Thousand Son sorc, but I appreciate the honest feedback. :(

    Guess I'll make my character something else.. probably MoK related. Ahriman will never forgive me though.
  6. Khornatian Khornatian Steam Early Access

    MoT was pretty good before patch 1.3, back when TTK was not universally measured in miliseconds. Laggy and inexperienced players would stick to the more forgiving and straightforward Mark of Nurgle, while experienced Tacticals and even some Raptors enjoyed the quick regen granted by the MoT when properly geared for armor.

    But now the TTK is just so low that moving in and out of cover is a lethal act by itself, engagements are all or nothing as everyone dies like flies.
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  7. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    I also play Thousand Sons on TT, and just like you i was expecting some sort of spell monster, or something more interesting like we can do on TT. On the very least, i would expect to be great at Close combat like we were before patch 1.3.

    Like many have said, MoT right now is good fo dieing, only on VEterans you can now feel that the marks helps you some sort.

    You can still use them on Traitor assaults, but in this patch, you can't really afford to have less 30hp, over a faster armor regen, that will never happen, because you are dead.

    It used to be an OK mark, with OK spells, aside from the healing, which felt always Meh.
    Right now, use it for the looks, but don't expect to any good game breaking changes. On the very least, it will make it worse.

    Flickering fire used to be good, but then it got nerfed...
    DAemon Bolt, is not tzeentch based, and it's still a work in progress. It's still far from OK, for the 250lp it costs.
    But then again, the entire range of psychic powers, feels the same way.

    Our next spell might as well be "conjure Bolter"....Done...
    Conjures a magical bolter of Change, equipped with inferno rounds, which set the enemy on fire, and on death make them explode. Done.
  8. Wiggles Wiggles Menial

    I heard the Mark of Khorne was good for sorcerers :cool:
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  9. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    The bestest!
    You can make the warp manifest through the tip of your Axe, when it's carving into the enemy's rib cage.

    Alive...Swoosh...Dead. Much sorcery, such Khorne ----- Khorne Sorcerer :CSMWord:
  10. Wiggles Wiggles Menial


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