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What craftworld should I play?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by I-am-alpharius01, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    You do know the rest of their stuff is supposed to be green too, right?????
    Their Dire Avengers are supposed to be green, Howling Banshees too, etc. Their Fire Dragons have other color-schemes as well. Warlocks should have dark green almost black-shining glossy polished leather colors to their robes etc
  2. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    Source and official images. To my knowledge Aspect Warriors are their shrine colours always.
  3. If my know ledge of the Biel-Tanii lore serves me correctly only their war-machines, Guardians and Autarchs/Seers are supppsed to be Green and white. The aspect warriors have their own paint schemes according to their warrior shrine.
  4. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    Nope, they're just about the only craftworld that has it differing. And people often (without even googling it) will say "no that's their guardians" but the color-scheme for their guardians is white with a green helmet, whereas their DA's for instance have green armor, green helmets, with trim-variations on their helmets of different shades of green as well as sections of the helmets being white.

    It's pretty easy to find, and has been common knowledge for a LONG time. The fact that people who claim to be eldar fans don't know this, proves they're just not as well informed about their favorite faction as they think they are.
  5. Huh it appears you are correct. My bad, must have got the craftworlds mixed up.
  6. Yup, and here is the evidence:

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  7. Saeritan Saeritan Arkhona Vanguard

    In Gathering Storm 2: Fracture of Biel-Tan the Dire Avengers fighting on Ursulia as part of the Swordwind wear traditional blue and white, and the Fire Dragons wear traditional orange and yellow.


    There is also a quote about Yvraine's early life, where she grew up on Biel-Tan and became a Dire Avenger, specifically a Dire Avenger of the Silvered Blade shrine, who wear, you guessed it, blue and white.

    "Though few in Commorragh realised it, Biel-Tan was the original home of the one they called Daughter of Shades. Under the world-ship’s glowing domes and elegant spires Yvraine was raised, nurtured, and taught the ways of the craftworlds. At first she walked the Path of the Performer, her intricate acrobatics thrilling high society as well as her fellow wanderers of the craftworld’s abandoned zones. Her displays grew faster and more violent as she became more headstrong. When the Avatar of Khaine was roused within the craftworld’s heart during the invasion of Gnosis Prime, she took the Path of the Warrior, becoming a Dire Avenger under the tutelage of the famously deadly Laarian Starspeaker, Exarch of the Silvered Blade shrine."
    Fracture of Biel-Tan, page 20.

    Furthermore a later quote underlines that Dire Avengers from Biel-Tan do wear traditional shrine colours "Foremost amongst those converted to Yvraine’s cause were Dire Avengers from the Silvered Blade, the shrine in which the Visarch, in his former life, had taught Yvraine the Path of the Warrior. Near threescore of the tall-crested warriors had forsaken their traditional colours and, with a few simple minutes of concentration, altered the psychically attuned metafabrics of their Aspect armour until it bore the same colouration as Yvraine’s regal panoply and the deep scarlet plate of the Visarch at her side."
    Fracture of Biel-Tan, page 47.

    Biel-Tan Swooping Hawks are described as "darting from blue-grey clouds so similar in hue to their armour the winged warriors seemed no more than flickers at the limit of vision."
    Fracture of Biel-Tan, page 30.

    Biel-Tan Fire Dragons are described as wearing "bright orange plates".
    Fracture of Biel-Tan, page 31.

    It is also worth noting that in this article focusing on Biel-Tan the Dire Avengers are shown in their shrine colours, not in green.

    On the other hand I did find the picture that @I-am-alpharius01 provided in a book published in 2004, called Epic Swordwind which was an expansion to Epic Armageddon, alongside pictures of Biel-Tan Aspect Warriors painted in their traditional colour schemes.


    You can see for yourself that these aspect warriors are in the context of a Biel-Tan army, yet retain their traditional colours here: 1 - Eldar forces.pdf

    You may also notice that the vast majority of the images found in that book appear to be out of date. That's because they are.

    I also found a reference to Biel-Tan aspect warriors incorporating their craftworld colours into their armour here:

    "As a result of this cultural predilection, the Biel-Tan Craftworld is famous for the militant and aggressive warrior ways of its Eldar population, and for the large number of Aspect Warriors it maintains, who often incorporate the traditional green and white colours of the Craftworld into their armour as well as the colours of their Aspect."

    Unfortunately it has no citations so I guess you just have to take their word for it, although regardless it does also specify that they do maintain their aspect colours to some degree.
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    Kabal of the Black Heart
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    Commoragh's genonism is not allowed here amongts the eldar... (yet xD)
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    Join Iyanden, do you hear the Banana call? (Cof cof, I mean the Necromancy call?)
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