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Wh40k Rp Tools + Casual Rp Tips

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 22, 2015.

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    Given that I was RPing here for around a year by now I felt like to finally make a proper thread that get's pinned as compendium for resources and feedbacks. I will update this post accordingly as new information emerges, until I shall meet the 10k character limit. Furthermore I hope this thread also shall be used to find out certain things one may be unsure of if it is possible in the lore, what the standard is, and also may discuss possible applied systems for combat balance, rewards for the players post-mission, etc.

    These are the categories (copy the first number, then hit CTRL + F and then paste it in there to quicker find it!):

    1. Source material for weapons, equipment, psychic powers, vehicles, planets etc.
    2.1 Source material for main-faction based lore
    2.2 Source material for sub-faction based lore
    3. Game Master Help (Rules, setting, scenarios, do's & don'ts)
    4. Other helpful things (things that just not might fit in anywhere else; like things discussed in this thread)

    If you want a template (like 3.2) or the PnP Lite or so, just shoot me a PM!

    1. Weapons, Equipment, Psychic Powers, Vehicles, Planets, etc.
    1.1 Things of everything (Here ; see the various tabs ; Source: Uriel's PnP Lite)
    1.2 Lexicanum Armoury lists (Here)
    1.3 Psychic Powers (Here ; also included in the PnP Lite; but this is quicker if you look only for that particular matter)
    1.4 List of all Sentient Species in Wh40k (Here ; Lexicanum)
    1.5 Witchsight - The Power to see someones corruption (Here)

    2.1 Main Faction-Based Lore
    2.1.1 Lexicanum Faction Overview (Here)
    2.1.2 Wikia Races Overview (Here)
    2.1.3 Ork Teef Price List (Here)
    2.1.4 Where Spirit Stones come from (Here)

    2.2 Sub-Faction Based Lore:
    (All Lexicanum Links except otherwise stated)

    2.2.1 Imperial: Inquisitions (Xenos ; Hereticus ; Malleus ; Basic Info) Loyalist Astartes Chapters (List ; Basic Info) Astartes Armor (Here ; by @The-Mad-Magos ) Imperial Guard Regiments (List ; Basic Info) Schola Progenium (Ordo Tempestus / Scions ; Commissars ; Basic Info) Officio Assassinorum / Assassin Temples (Basic Info ; List) Adeptus Mechanicus (Basic Info ; Forces Overview)

    2.2.2 Eldar: Exodites (Basic Info ; World List) Craftworlds (Basic Info ; Craftworld List) Dark Eldar Kabals (Basic Info ; Kabals List) Expanded Eldar Lore (Fanon; see Here)

    2.2.3 Necron Dynasties (Basic Info ; Dynasty List)

    2.2.4 Chaos: Traitor Astartes (Renegade Space Marine - Chapters List ; Chaos Space Marine - Warbands & Legions List) Renegade Astartes - My Take (Here) Astartes Armor (Here ; by @The-Mad-Magos ) Chaos Cults & Mutants (Traitor Guard Info ; Traitor Guard List ; Lost and the Damned Info ; Cults & Mutants List ; Chaos Cults List) Chaos Gods (Basic Info) Daemons (Basic Info ; List)

    2.2.5 Tyranid Hive Fleets (Basic Info ; List)

    2.2.6 Tau: Septs (Basic Info ; List) Farsight Enclaves (Basic Info ; Worlds)

    3. Game Master Help
    3.1 Do's & Don'ts
    3.1.1 Meaningful Choices (Here)
    3.1.2 Lore! Guideline or Law? (Here)
    3.1.3 @Jorimel & @CommissarGaunt Experience Share (Here)
    3.1.4 @matt23 's experience (Here)
    3.2 Character Overview (Here)

    4. Other
    4.1 Generator Website (names, Maps, etc.; Here)
    4.2 Legacy System (Here)
    4.3 Random Team Creation Tool (Here)
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  2. needs more deathwatch information.
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    because he loves the DW obviously lol
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    There massive update..... ^^
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