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Werez all da boyz gone?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Trooper909, May 11, 2017.

  1. I am out.
    I'm not going to waste my time with EC until it keeps crashing, until melee is so bugged and until the only content we get is those horrible Elites that are ugly, weak and overpriced.
  2. Ryan Gosling RyanG Steam Early Access

    I usually don't queue up for vs space marine games because it's always fortress attack which is a massive waste of time exp and credits wise, and when it isn't it's usually 2:1 ratio of players for the first 5 minutes, followed by a GG from lsm players which tells me either they're trolls or they have poor situational awareness. The first two minutes pretty much determine the flow of the game, being horribly outnumbered is bad. Also, I don't like late joining on games. I'm just glad there's no cancerous stats culture in this community.

    I don't really like chaos, but I enjoy eldar. Usually playing eldar when my friend is online because this game is more fun with friends and I don't have a set in stone bias about what to play. Except LSM. I don't really like LSM players. Usually go out of my way to avoid playing LSM.
  3. MannDeus Recruit

    Atleast on european timezones, there's alot of orks to go about! I rarily see too uneven team and I need to queue 5 minutes at max so guess all orks are European. Go figure xD
  4. With match after match being massively unbalanced, including a fortress where we were down by 8 players, I don't understand how the devs think they won't kill the community of a particular faction.
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  5. Geisto Geisto Cardinal

    I don't know.. Maybe it's because the Ork Faction is in a terrible state overall.

    Maybe it's the shitty camera controls that force us to play with a massive disadvantage compared to the other races..

    Or maybe it's the slew of Shitty animations that we get caught up in because of multiple factors ..

    Like getting caught on invisible platforms whilst vaulting over covers and dying subsequently to enemy fire or rmb spam.

    Or not being able to see your target properly sometimes because your weapon glitches out insanely when shot at.

    Or when you are unable to crouch and hold your shield up in order to provide your team mates with a good cover position to shoot back from because you want to expose your face for some god damned reason and smile at the enemy:

    Or when enemy clans abuse the Trukk glitch and send them into space on purpose (Or at least try to)

    Or maybe it's because the Painboy is the trashiest support class in this game and there's absolutely nothing planned to do in the nearby future about it :

    Gee, it's not as if this faction is neglected or anything, right? We have tons of Pistols!


    Oh, what's that.. Right.. Only two out of the 12 or so available pistols are viable? LP Point cost meta builds for the Dakka or Slab slugga, right..


    Oh what.. Like, the Burny Choppa and Klaw? That's it?

    =No, you have the other uniques like Git Prod

    LSM have a better one.

    =But what about the Electro Clubba

    LSM and Chaos have better ones.

    =What about the Torpedo Axe then?!

    For one, it's bugged and two, LSM and Chaos still have better choices.

    I could go on, but I'm really tired and too lazy to cite a myriad of other stuff that pisses everyone off in this community.
  6. Ryan Gosling RyanG Steam Early Access

    just put a drum on the shoota and go to town.

    space babies are an easy farm. Sad about sluggas being useless, though.
  7. Bigbitz Ironangel2k3 Steam Early Access

    A combination of aggressive mocking by the devs, stern refusal to fix obvious issues, and blatant favoritism has driven most of DLB away from the game, and DLB made up a large portion of the Ork playerbase. In fact, when DLB does decide to play the game, half the time we aren't even playing Orks, its that miserable of an experience. Since the devs clearly have no interest in making the game fun for anyone but space marines, we're hanging back and watching how this dumpster fire progresses or if they'll even bother putting it out and fixing something for a change.
  8. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    There's an event at 2pm CT this Saturday if you're interested in an Orkfight. Not going to guarantee victory, but it will be a hell of a good time.
  9. Heironymus Heironymus Subordinate

    Let me know the details.​

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