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Discussion in 'Orks' started by Khaernakov, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Eavydakka Khaernakov Subordinate

    ello dere lads, i wuz stompin some ummies last day when i noticed i just had stomped a shiny ummie, he had this shinny spykey thingy on his ead so i rememberd, wez got da nobz! but, weres da nobz at? ive never seen a nobz in a waaagh befor, so if pleaze some of ya boyz could take a pikktur of a nobz and put it ere id apreciate it

    i fink dat dis can be erry useful to boyz lookin for da best visual (as in other factions like LSM the space wolves and dark angels veterans look diferent from each other, representing their class and faction) wuz im lookin fo is da goff loota is some of ya boyz haz it, but any other nobz is welcome too!
  2. [​IMG]
    Ere ya are boss [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Judasilfarion Silfarion Drill Abbott

    They have tats, only thing that identifies them as veterans though. If you had some lore friendly suggestions to make Ork nobz more noticeable besides increasing the size of their hitbox then I'm sure the devs would love to hear it
  4. Eavydakka Khaernakov Subordinate

    wow, DATS SUM PROPA NOBZ RIGHT DERE!!! (looking amazing!, too bad it is not as big as i had expected lol)
  5. Eavydakka Khaernakov Subordinate

    so, as far as im aware about sugestions is not much and maybe other persons have said it already, but here it goes

    1st of all as far as i know he needs darker skin, maybe some scars too, a bionic eye perhaps? for a nob this guy looks flawless, when in reality a nob need to look like he survived hell and is still going, maybe some patched bullet holes in the armor, pieces here and there being hold by chains/rope, he needs to look like the type of ork that clearly stands out of the normal infantry

    2nd is a thing that bothers me a lot in the normal orks too, the naked arms (and i feel like im the only one really), you see most orks at mininum have a leather bracelet on them, the more vicious they become they tend to upgrade to get some spikes on it, most nobz resorting to iron bracelets with multiple spikes, in some cases actuall iron plates covering the outside of the forearm

    3rd the boots, as weird as that may sound really it needs more metal and more damage, you will see too that unless he is a bad moonz flashgitz his boots would not shine like that at all, it would be a mate battle worn type of metal, probably full of scrapes, dents and so on,

    besides that the only last thing i can think on is the obvious that he has to be slightly bigger, not talking meganobz but to just big and dark enough to stand out, other thing too is the ork asymmetry, just google about some battle hardened orks and you will see their armor is very unique, full of metal patches to hold previous holes and stuff like that, asymmetric on the sense that as they lose their starter gear all they care for is something that work, doesnt need to look like the same, wich in pretty much almost all the cases when he reaches a nob it doesnt, it becomes a very unique armor full of diferent pieces unless they are part of a specific army, wich in that case the armor will be a bit symmetric, but not 100%

    another thing too (not sure if lore friendly but would look pretty nice) is their faces changing a bit as well, maybe the nobz loking a bit more demon like, here is an example
    for anyone who read this feel free to correct me, im not a 40k junkie but i know a bit about it
  6. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

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  7. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    They could always add cooler looking versions of weapons for nobs or nob only weapon modz. I would love a super belt fed shoota with ammo belts dangling off it or a really big bore barrel big shoota. Melee weapons could have bigger models or moving parts like motors and gears.
  8. Khornatian Khornatian Steam Early Access

    Spikey Nob!
  9. 20170319000421_1.jpg
    Shoota nob, he loves dakka dakka
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