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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by KingKatanova, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Well Met to all members of the Eternal Crusade Forum, as this thread indicates i'm writing up my own introduction to this forum.

    My name is KingKatanova, some may know of me through some of my work in the Warcraft 3 Roleplay community. I myself have been a fan of the Warhammer 40k universe ever since i played the dawn of war series, and all other 40k style games. I came to eternal Crusade after the free to play module and at first i was rather skeptical as i had read the steam reviews of how disappointing the game is from what it was promised. However for what the game is, i really like it. And i have had many a good match with friends both in pvp and pve system and i say to the dev team well done on all your parts for making this game for how far it has come and how far i hope it will go.

    As for my accounts, i have one for each faction to which i'll add to this introduction if anyone wishes to work with me (i am chaos but play all).
    Chaos - Xecien
    Loyalist - Terfall
    Orks - Oathgarr
    Eldar - Aheri'zak

    P.S - i came onto the forum looking for a certain dev member i met in one of my games as chaos who either went by the name odaban or something similar however i'm not sure his/her forum name, i'd love for someone to help me out with thi.
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  2. Prepare ta get zogged in da face, ya Spikey git!
  3. Welcome aboard my friend. Hope you enjoy the ride!
  4. Krakhun Krakhun Arkhona Vanguard

    By the Will of the Dark Gods, I welcome you to Arkhona.
    I will be you brother in arm when you'll play Xecien.. but aspect to see me as your worst nightmare, when you show your other characters.

    For the Glory of Chaos
    Let the Galaxy BURN !
  5. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    Welcome to EC try to enjoy it and stay clear of the salt mines.

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