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We'll get dere, all sneaky like. (IC Thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by MasterSpookums, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Da zog jus happen? Dat Nob jus ru-rui- wrecked it all! Den dere Nob did sum fast thinkin, and Darkrippa got da idea. He started sneakin tru da green stuf so dat he cud jump da umies before dey got more a wreked da hole zoggin plan! Wif iz trusty rippa in hand he moved up ta get nice and close ta get da umies unawares.
  2. Holding back bursting into laughter at the Nob tripping and falling on some umies the Flashgit wrapped in ammunition grabbed his stabby choppas as his sides and began sneaking up on the gitz all cleva like. Doing some rolls and keeping to the trees another plants while also trying to keep his snazz gun from sticking out or getting damaged. He loved that gun and wouldn't let anything happen to it he also really wanted to dakka the umies into a red paste but that would make too much noise. So stabbing he would go as he snuck up on one of the umies and prepared his choppas.
  3. Boss Kommando Nob Boss Sir did some real kunning sneaking moves, falling down the hill on the humies. That's the plan, right? Cuz Boss couldn't be Boss Nob if he just falls flat on his arse and alerts the humies. Spleenstabba reasons, the might is right mentality forcing him to look up the bigger ork despite it rolling around and around down the hill face first into mud. Or humie. Hard to tell with all the splatters. Then Boss makes another clever move, letting humies to surround him so he can't miss. Spleenstabba can't make out all humie words Boss uses, but dun, 'elp and quiet ring out louder. Dun 'elp quiet? As in dun help or dun help quiet meaning loud 'elp? Spleenstabba is baffled from Boss Nobs tactics. So, until someork explains or just starts stabbing gitz, Spleenstabba focuses on hunting one of those furry grots jumping around. Gotta taste local delicacies.
  4. Ecios Ecios Active Member

    Ugh u brisky zippy sneaky nippy wily leery slicky smoothy swifty fasty sly gamine greenass sonba!
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  5. Spookums MasterSpookums Well-Known Member

    The nob, having literally walked in to a scrap, missed the old days, before this kommando bizness. Running, screaming in to the thick of it with his 'uge choppa slicing through armor, flesh and bone. He was a Goff at his core. He'd even tried using one of them fancy spiky eldar choppas, though he could only hold the exotic thing with two fingers. When he had a rough idea his boyz were in place, or simply when i saw the chance, he made for the uumies his boyz didn't have covered, bludgeoning one with the klaw still closed simply to attack faster and only really needing the weight of it.

    when the killing was done with, he tried to pat the blood and guardsmen from his chest before taking the sergeant pips from the guardsmens uniform, sticking them on his shoulders with a little saliva and uumie blood.

    "Well boyz. It seems da uumies be everywhere. Do, dey wasn't anyfink speshul. I expected some of those- er- uumies good at jungle fightin'. The ones with the big knives." He nods, gesturing at the bayonette knives they had, which to an Ork didn't event count as a choppa. "Anywun feelin' particularly looty? Dun't fink dey'll 'av much do. A little break, an' we'll get back underway."
  6. "Aight Boss." Spleenstabba responds, mouth full of furry creature.
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  7. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Darkrippa started grabbing the blades dat da umies called nifes. He had a real orky idea for dem dat wud need ta wait til he had more time an gubbinz! "Des umies ain't got much boss but I takin des." As he shoved a bunch of da tiny blades in his pouch. He then began lookin fer anyting dat cud go boom!

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