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Welcome To Dreadhaven

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Akragth, May 11, 2014.

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  1. Akragth Akragth Well-Known Member

    The hired guns set up a perimeter outside of the engine room. They moved metal tables, and other large objects, in front of the doors, as a makeshift barricade. They then hid behind the items, waiting.
  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Davian readied himself in the shadows and behind some cover. he had both his shield and shock maul ready. to turn on and engage the boarders flesh.
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  3. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    [OOC: That... got... a little long.]

    Utter nothingness surrounded the Dark Eldar slowly rising from her workout. A soft layer of sweat coated her white skin. Immaculate once, it had become a canvas on which scars and other blemishes had gathered to form a work of art just for itself. Dark eyes closed, the woman's hands traced them slowly.
    The hand travelled upwards, until it reached her neck.
    This one was caused by sheer incompetence.
    She shuddered, recoiled at the thought. It seemed as if it had been centuries, but in fact, this scar was earned not too long ago, when she decided to become a free pirate instead of some Kabal's slave girl. Caused by a painful clash with the Trueborn, it once was barely noticable for the onlooker, but painfully apparent for Reshiel. This changed during the last week. She clenched her fist around her own throat.


    A fact the warrior would never have admitted was that she felt inadequate after her defeat at the hands of Torek. Serving the raidmaster at the side of superior warriors, superior tacticians, even superior infiltrators. The kin – Razauil, she remembered – he was her superior in every way. Reshiel choked on her ego, and for the very first time, the woman had no rebound, no comeback, no nothing except for sulking.
    Until she heard that Zoriel was in Dreadhaven.
    She viewed it as a signal from Khaine. It was time to redeem herself. Zoriel, her trueborn brother. Zotiel, the old bastard, and his posse of bootlicks, the so-called 'Elite' of the former Sightless Eye – before it was gouged – had descended on the planet, now mercenaries, planning to offer their services to the corrupt and pathetic humans of this planet. It was a chance. She had to settle the score.

    She confronted the Dracon and his posse. He didn't recognize her, in her mon-keigh attire, and her mon-keigh mannerisms. When Reshiel challenged him to a fight, he laughed. He laughed at her, but accepted, in his hubris. They fought – fists, blades, a dance. It took her back to when she was younger, when he raised her. They had tested their mettle daily, and every day she hoped to kill him. She hoped it so much that whens he got the chance right now, she was paralyzed by anxiety.
    Zoriel was the better fighter. Each of her blows, he countered with a flourish and answered with a lazy stab or slothful slash, not intended to hurt her body, but her ego. He wore her down, pushed her back. When Resh, constantly on the defense, was driven back so far she left the confines of the ring, one of the Trueborn pushed her back with disdain, onto the twirling Dracon. At this time, Resh was sure the fight would end in her death, and Zoriel was certain of this, as well.
    'So you still have that pretty gift I gave you. Such a gracious little girl.'
    He picked her up, and, like years before, slashed her throat open. Before she could react, the Trueborn grabbed dirt and rubbed it into her wound. 'Just so everyone can see my little Allie's failure! Wear it proudly on your neck, ha!'
    The cut was neither deep nor intended to be the finishing stroke, but Resh was already defeated. She coughed, fell to her knees. It was a pathetic image. So pathetic, in fact, that Zoriel stalled.
    'You... you have degenerated into something weak, Reshiel', he spat, disdain in his voice like poison on a serrated blade. 'You are not worthy of a finishing blow.'
    He left her there, leaving the back alley they fought in alongside his squad of elite warriors, leaving her to die. However, he underestimated her tenacity. Bleeding profusely, she dragged herself to the Mortal Vengeance. She recieved treatment for her corporeal wounds, and once again, retreated to her lair. Her near-death had reawakened something, though.

    She found a crate in her room, with a note, she was surprised to find a full suit of combat armour, true combat armour, inside. Its plates were coloured a shining black, with silvery-blue edges – the colours of the Sightless Eye. A note was inside – 'I will see you again, Allie. When I do, I hope this suit will have reminded you of what you are. I took the liberty of deducting the cost from your personal funds... - Your beloved elder brohter'
    She took the armour.


    Reshiel put on the kabalite plate her 'brother' had gifted her as she heard the emergency signals. As if to mock her, its collar had a cutout just where her now pitch-black scar was. Finished waking up, she picked up her bayoneted autogun and went out, killing all in her way to engine room, where some definitely talky noises were coming from, making no effort to hide herself.

    "I apologize for my tardiness. What is going on here?"
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  4. Akragth Akragth Well-Known Member

    ''Some assholes want a piece of us, Resh,'' Cooper said. ''We're setting up a perimeter, and making our stand here.''

    * * *​

    ++Mortal Vengeance, bridge++

    ''Captain, we're closing in on them,'' the helmsman said.

    ''I want all gunners ready to fire. These bastards are gonna feel the wrath of this vessel,'' the captain said, a wry smirk upon his face.

    * * *​

    ++Mortal Vengeanace, engine room++

    ''Come on, lads, get these perimeter set up!'' Cooper yelled to the assembled defenders.

    ''Sir, it's too--aggh!'' Cooper looked up, just in time to see his scout shot down by a hail of lasfire.

    ''Balls, they're here. Positions everyone! Make your stand.''

    The enemy fire came thick and fast, peppering the defender's position. The attackers appeared to number in to the dozens, but with the tight confines or the corridor warfare it was hard to truly tell.
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  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Davian cursed at the attackers under his breath. The scout took a quick glance over the cover before putting his head down he fired his plasma pistol at the group 2 times and managed to get one of the bastards as he heard a shriek as someones guts got melted out
  6. Skarboy Skarboy Well-Known Member

    Torek raised the omni-scope to his eye and let the human technology sort out targets from muzzle flash. In the tight confines of the hallway the Kroot felt no real need to exercise excellent marksmanship. Best to thin the herd, then pounce upon the survivors. A clawed finger pulled the trigger and started to send explosive bolts into the mass. The Carnivore was reminded of the flashbang at his belt and kept it in mind, should the weight of fire prove too little to stall the onrush of attackers.
  7. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Resh leapt into cover, wishing that the lights could miraculously explode or something, and really missing the Void Mines of their Voidraven bombers back home. Those were some impressive tenebrotechnics.
    With a sigh both nostalgic and bored, she leaned out of her cover and shot her autogun at the targets, who were moving slow as tar to her. She didn't really aim as much as fire, figuring she couldn't miss under these conditions.
    Taking a short breath and ducking back into cover, she caressed her bayonet lovingly.
    "I am going to use you soon... I am going to paint you red again, once I can jump at them individually, I promise."
  8. Akragth Akragth Well-Known Member

    Having lost several men to the defender's gunfire, the attackers decided to wisen up. Several of their number lumbered forward, carrying shields. The defender's gunfire rattled the shields, but failed to penetrate them. Slowly the enemy advanced, chainswords whirring behind the wall of plasteel.

    OOC: Think of their shields as similar (but smaller) to the marine boarding shields.
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  9. Skarboy Skarboy Well-Known Member

    Torek held his bolter upright as he pulled a flashbang from his belt, counting to two before lobbing the grenades hopefully over the shields of the shield bearers. At best perhaps it would go off near their heads and the concussive bang of the flashbang would drop them, disoriented. The Kroot took a quick moment to reload, given as all of the vulnerable targets were now protected.
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  10. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Resh slid back up to see a wall of plasteel, inexorably moving forward. She blinked.

    A few curious shots confirmed her suspicion - they deflected the autofire effortlessly, and she had to dodge her own ricocheting shots. This wouldn't do.
    However, Hoeth must've smiled on her that day; an idea penetrated her mind as the bullet that was intended to do so missed. She watched Torek chuck his grenades into the group and tried to get his attention.
    "Torek!", she yelled sharply, her voice a mixture of excitement and urgency, before she spoke in a lower voice, "You are strong and agile, and I am... well, agile. Do you not think it would be in our power to... charge them? To leap behind the shield line?"
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