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Welcome To Dreadhaven

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Akragth, May 11, 2014.

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  1. Akragth Akragth Well-Known Member

    Applications to join this RP are always open. New characters should review the links below, and PM me their character sheet. Any questions should be directed to PM, or the OOC thread.

    Quick links

    Information database
    Character database
    OOC/planning thread

    Current Tasks

    Task: A1
    Players: All
    Objective: Newly arrived characters need to pick a quarters for themselves (as found on the ship map).
    Reward: -

    Task: A2
    Players: Open
    Objective: Decide on a means to further add funds to the ship's coffers
    Reward: -
    OOC Instruction: Default task for anyone unsure of what else to do. Report to the captain and discuss options to further increase the ship's bank balance. You may also assign yourself tasks, as you wish.

    Task: A14
    Players: Shadhunter
    Objective: Interrogate the prisoner, find out his name, determine a use for him. Give him a name.
    Reward: 100 exp.

    Task: A15
    Players: Deran
    Objective: Study the servitor, attempt to repair it if possible.
    Reward: 100 exp.
    OOC Instruction: As above, he can either be assigned to the ship in general, or to your personal quarters. He's also unable to fight or accompany you on missions.

    -Mission #1

    -Mission #2

    -Mission #3

    -Mission #4
  2. Akragth Akragth Well-Known Member


    Welcome to your new home; Dreadhaven, home to pirates, scum and xeons alike. One such pirate is Captain Lukas Ferrelian. Where some see corruption and despair in the streets of Dreadhaven Prime's many cities, he seens profit.

    Ferrelian, once a member of the Imperial Navy, fell in to piracy some ten years ago. He rose to power, but his world came crashing down around him, along with his ship, when he was tricked by an old associate and shot down over some backwater planet. Now he has finally arrived to Dreadhaven, seeking a means to fund a new crew, to recapture his old riches and, if possible, to gain himself a small measure of vengeance.

    After buying the best ship he could afford on his limited budget, he has made his way to one of the many bars in Dreadhaven Prime's capital city, seeking to round up a crew. That is where he met you.

    For whatever reason, and frankly he could hardly care, you found yourself in this bar at this exact time, looking for work. Where you came from, where your loyalties lie, and why you are there don't matter to Ferrelian. What matters is making taking back what was once his. You will help him do that, and in return you will gain riches beyond your imagination.

    You will start as part of the crew aboard his new ship, Mortal Vegeance. You will be given tasks to complete, and missions to acomplish. Sometimes you will work as a group, sometimes you will work alone. You will gain specialisms and invest your hard earned money and experience in to bettering yourself. All the meanwhile, you will have a lot of fun taking part.


    Dreadhaven. Just another backwater system, forgotten by the Imperium, a dangerous and lawless zone. The planets in the system have seceded from the Imperium (unbeknownst to the Imperium at this time, slow as they are) and are not warring with one another over which should rule the sector. The former sector capital, now run by a council of three men,

    The planet's capital city is ruled over by the council's elite warriors. Crime dropped within the capital as the iron grip of the regime took hold and the capital is starting to thrive. Some see the council as oppressors, but others see them as saviours.

    New Characters

    New characters in this RP will begin with next to nothing except hope and aspiration. For whatever reason, your character found him/herself almost broke and looking for work. You will be granted a small amount of money and experience to spend (as detailed below) but the rest you will have to earn for yourself.

    I have written a small guide to starting a character:

    Name, character name, age and gender are all self explanatory.
    Race: This is your character's race NOT faction (though most are the same); Human, Astartes, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Ogryn, Ork, Tau, Kroot
    Home world name: Can be real or made up.
    Home world type: Where you come from has an influence on your overall character.

    Home world type
    Civilised World +5L, -5T
    Death World +5T, -5AG
    Feral World +5S, -5L
    Forge World +5GS, -5MS
    Hive World +5Per, -5GS
    Spaceship +5WP, -5S
    Xenos World +5AG, -5WP

    Motivation: Fame, Honour, Pride, Revenge, Wealth
    Fame - +2WP
    Honour - +2S
    Pride - +2T
    Revenge - Character starts with hatred skill against a race (race chosen by the player)
    Wealth - Character starts with the bartering (their own race) skill

    Faction: Chaos, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Imperial Guard, Human Mercenaries, Orks, Space Marines, Tau

    Class: Your chosen tier 1 class.
    Tier: Will be 1 by default.
    Rank: Your progress within the tier, will be 1 by default.

    Starting equipment:
    You will begin by purchasing a melee weapon (or ''initial'' rarity). You will be granted 100 credits (non-refundable) to spend on your first melee weapon. This weapon will not count toward your character's worth, and cannot be sold, lost, or broken. You can only buy ONE weapon with these funds. Any unspent credits from this 100 will be discarded.
    Next you will be given 250 credits and 1000exp to spend as you please (can only purchase items marked as ''initial''during character creation, though). The remaining exp and funds are left in your bank, and can be spent after your first task is complete.

    Your initial equipment will all be of common quality, though you may take poor or basic quality, for the costs detailed under ''equipment mechanics'' below.

    Character stats

    Gun Skill(GS): The character's accuracy with ranged weapons. Increases chance to hit enemies. Max=100
    Melee Skill (MS): The character's accuracy with melee weapons. Increases chance to hit enemies. Max=100
    Strength (Str): How physically capable a character is. Increases chance to inflict melee damage. Max=100
    Toughness (Tou): How resilient a character is. Increases chance to avoid damage. Max=100
    Agility (AG): How quick and flexible a character is, increases ability to avoid taking hits. Max=100
    Perception (Per): How aware of his surroundings a character is, and how heightened his senses are. Max=100
    Willpower (WP): How mentally capable a character is. Used for potency of psychic moves, and resistance to fear. Max=100
    Driving Skill(DS): How capable at driving ground/sea vehicles the character is. Max=20
    Leadership(L): Character's ability to lead, and how readily he obeys commands from superiors. Max=20
    Wounds(W): Character's healthpoint. 0 = dead. Losing half means possible injury. Wounds have no maximum.
    Wound may be healed by the ship's medic (between missions) or by the player during a mission (if they have the relevant item).

    It is not possible to raise a stat above its maximum, regardless of possible combinations of training or equipment.

    Body Status
    1. Body status refers to both injuries, and any bionics the character may have.
    2. A character cannot be injured AND have bionics in the same area, bionics instead have their own health points, and can break.
    3. Only one bionic may be used per body part.
    4. Injuries may occur should the character lose more than 2 wounds in the same post.
    5. Injuries are randomly assigned, dependent on the weapon used and body area in question.
    6. Injuries last until the character reaches the ship's doctor, where upon the character may pay to heal their injury (for a small fee).
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  3. Akragth Akragth Well-Known Member

    Equipment mechanics
    1. Your character has weapon slots, primary and secondary.
    2. Each weapon has a hand value, each character has two hands. You may use two 1h weapons or one 2h weapon.
    3. Any other weapons may then be stored in your equipment storage (ie, your pack).
    4. Every piece of equipment has a weight, and your character may not carry more than his total pack weight.
    5. Your character may carry up to two types of grenades (four, if the grenade pack is bought), and may have as many of each grenade as you wish (weight permitting).
    6. Your character may carry one medical item (two, if the medicine bag is bought), and may have as many of that item as you wish (weight permitting).
    7. Your character may carry two types of ammunition (four, if the ammo pouch is bought), and may have as many of each ammo type as you wish (weight permitting).
    8. Ammunition's weight is calculated as 10% of the gun's total weight.
    9. Ammunition may be bought, or scavenged (at the GM's discretion). Running out of ammunition renders the gun unable to fire. The ship's quartermaster always stocks the more common types of ammunition. Newly bought guns come with a full magazine/charge of ammo (as detailed under the ''ammo'' entry of the weapon itself).
    10. You may wear one item or armour, per area of the body, at once.
    11. Item rarity is a factor in what may be bought. The ship's quartermaster always stocks items marked as ''initial'' and ''common'' but anything else won't necessarily always be up for sale.
    12. Items of higher rarity may be made available at a later time, either during a mission, or outside of the mission.
    13. Items of any rarity may be looted, but that's at the GM's discretion.
    14. Scavengers may be sent to find items (details on the ship services page) at the cost of a credit sum upfront, regardless of whether it's found or not. You only pay for the actual item itself if they find it.
    15. Characters may wear on item of clothing, per body slot, on top of (or underneath, in some cases) their armour.
    16. The item costs and stats are for an average version of that item. The price/quality increases/decreases based on the following values: Poor - 75% of price/damage, Basic - 0.9% of price/damage, Average - 100% of price/damage, Good - 110% of price/damage, Master - 125% of price/damage
    17. Currently all classes can use human weapons, and items from their own race. Access to other race's items can be bought.
    18. Currently all classes can use any armour, beside items which require extra training (eg power armour, XV suits) or ones with other restrictions (as detailed in the armour page).
    19. All guns come with two firing modes, single and full auto (though, some weapons may be incapable of one). If using a weapon that has both settings, please specify your rate of fire when posting, so I can keep on top of the ammo count. You may only fire once per post, using the fire mode you selected. Failing to be clear will slow things down as I raise questions about it with you.
    20. Items marked as uncommon, rare, very rare or extremely rare cannot be bought from the ship's quartermaster (though uncommon items can, with an upgrade to the ship).
    21. Instead, such items can be looted or, on occasion, bought from other vendors (at GM discretion).

    Character mechanics
    1. Everyone starts with a tier 1 character, of rank 1.
    2. Classes may be upgraded, pricing for that is detailed in the classes tab.
    3. Characters are restricted on what equipment they may use, dependent on their race, their bought training and their statistics.
    4. You may own multiple characters, but you cannot buy second characters. They may be offered, by the GM, as the game progresses.
    5. You can rank up within your tier, to gain stats, using EXP.
    6. Once the the top rank of your tier, you may then buy a class from the next tier (again, using EXP).
    7. You may pick one class per tier. Some class have other restrictions (eg Ogryns can only pick Ogryn classes).

    Money mechanics
    1. Credits are earned for mission completion.
    2. Credits can also be found in boxes, on bodies, or in numerous other places (at GM's discretion, they will be rolled for on a loot table to keep it random and fair)
    3. Credits will be earned per player, not per character.
    4. Mission credits will be earned as described in the mission briefing.
    5. Money may be spent on equipment, weapons and armour.
    6. Items (beside your starting melee weapon) may be sold back to the ship's quartermaster for 3/4 of their buy price (the price is shown on the right hand side of the item's entry in the relevant tab).
    7. Players can donate money between characters, but not between players or to the ship's coffer.

    EXP mechanics
    1. EXP is earned for mission completion, both for the primary and the secondary objective(s).
    2. Is can also be earned for task completion, or for successfully passing a challenge given by the GM (eg, to pick a lock).
    3. Mission EXP is calculated by multiplying the killed enemies by their exp worth (as detailed in the enemy tab). Everyone then gets that EXP total, it's not calculated using a player's own kill count.
    4. EXP may be spent on skills and level ups.
    5. Purchases with EXP are non-refundable and, unless specified as otherwise, can only be bought once.
    6. Players cannot donate EXP.
    7. Certain classes come with traits of their own. Once a character has a trait, that is always permanent (barring injuries, or other extreme instances). So, for instance, traits from a tier 1 class carry over to any tiers above.
    8. Every class comes with the default ability to use human weapons. Other races have the ability to also use their own race's weapons by default (some have the ability to use other race's items, too)

    Leader mechanics
    1. The leader is the ship's Captain, an NPC, played by the GM.
    2. The leader is able to purchase ship upgrades, vehicles, or NPCs. Players may make recommendations, but generally it's down to the Captain to make decisions on purchases. All possible upgrades can be seen by the players (as can ship finances).
    3. How the leader spends the gang funds is up to them, but they cannot be spent on individual characters.
    4. The ship will start with 0 credits, as the Captain spent them all on the purchase of the ship itself and the few crew aboard (the majority of the crew, ie the grunts, do not count toward the tally)
    5. All items looted by the gang will be taken in to the ship's stockpile. It's then up to the Captain as to who receives that item, or if it's sold.

    1. All loot will be handled as credits, unless an item is specifically required (or a rare item is found, etc, at GM's discretion).
    2. Players will get a cut of the total loot, with the ship taking half of all loot.
    3. Loot found on tasks may be kept by the player, at the GM's discretion.
    4. Loot may be found during missions or tasks at the GM's discretion.
    5. The items looted will be calculated via a loot table (unless there's need for a specific item).
    6. Certain skills may increase a character's chance to find loot, or increase the quantity of loot found.

    Missions and tasks
    1. Tasks are defined as 'mini-missions' which often have only one objective (eg go to place A, deliver item B).
    2. Missions are deeper and usually involve the completion of multiple objectives.
    3. Both tasks and missions are periodically generated, and may involve all players, or just one.
    4. Tasks may be found by the player, given by the captain, or invented by the player their self (pending GM approval)
    5. Missions are granted by the Captain. He picks the target, the objective and the payment. The Captain negotiates for the missions off screen.
    6. There may be multiple missions and tasks underway at once.
    7. Tasks do not pay a set outlay for completion, but will often be rewarded with a small amount of exp and/or money.
    8. Missions pay out in greater sums, due to their greater difficulty and time required.
    9. Once a mission is complete, the characters return to the ship and are awarded their payment. At the same time the ship's own rewards are granted.
    10. NPCs may be sent on missions or tasks by the Captain. NPC missions are ''background'' missions and require no player input. After a certain amount of time, the NPCs will return and report their success (or failure) and deliver their loot/prisoners.
    11. NPCs may also accompany players on missions or tasks (with GM permission).

    GM communication
    As per the system in the Necromunda RP, highlight anything you need the GM to know by writing it in red (preferably in bold, so it stands out even more).

    For example, if you shoot a guy, write
    GM note: shooting at Eldar Guardian

    That means I know it's a note to me. I know you're shooting, and against whom you're firing. I can then write an appropriate response.
    Since we may have people in several places at once, it will also be important to remain clear on where you are. As such, please use the mission (or task) ID number (which will be found when the GM offers the mission) to clarify which task/mission you're referring to in your post.

    Fights with low end characters (ie ones not given a profile in the RP itself, ones who rank below tier 3 enemies) do not require my input unless I specifically deem otherwise. Else you're free to do as you please. I will slow you down if I feel you're portraying your character as an unstoppable murder machine, and your stats don't back that up, though.

    Mandatory rules
    Be fair.
    Have fun.
    The GM's word is law :p

    Of course, and this goes without saying, if you spot an error, or have a suggestion you'd like to see added, then please PM me and we can discuss it!
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  4. Akragth Akragth Well-Known Member

    [Reserved for future use]
  5. Akragth Akragth Well-Known Member

    ++Downtown Sarcan, Dreadhaven Prime capital city++

    ''Come one, come all. The mighty Captain Ferrelian has landed in Dreadhaven, and seeks a new crew for his vessel, Mortal Vegeance,'' the recruiter said, shouting out in the bar from his table.

    His yells seemed to catch the attention of several people, a mixed bag to say the least. Orks, Ogryns, Dark Eldar and more. This was a strange place, that was for sure.

    Many came forward, eager to make some money, or to find adventure, or whatever their true motivation was. The recruiter signed many up, some would work in the ship itself, cooking, cleaning, co-coordinating resources or other such tasks. Others would work under the captain's directive.

    They would be granted their own quarters, and access to the ship quartermaster. They would help shape the destiny of the ship, and act as Ferrelian's hammer when called for. In return he would make them rich. Very rich.

    ++Mortal Vengeance, hanger bay one++

    ''Welcome aboard me ship, the Mortal Vengeance,'' Lukas Ferrelian said, enthusiastically waving his hand at the newly arrived crew members.

    ''I know she ain't a whole lot to look at, not just yet at least. But don't worry 'bout that, we're jus' gettin' started. This here is Garret, he's gonna show you all to your quarters. Once yer settled in, we'll get ya to work. We're gonna be docked for a few days, whilst I get the rest of the crew and supplies together, so make yerself useful where ya can.''

    Ferrelian looked at his new 'men' and, quite frankly, they left a lot to be desired. Misfits, outcasts and criminals, scum to most people's eyes. Most would be used for menial tasks around the ship, but he'd hand picked a couple to act on his behalf as his personal warriors. Or, so he hoped, most were greener than damn grass. Still, he supposed, that's the price one pays for not having cash to splash on high end mercenaries. He'd have to get them trained himself if he was to shape them in to the sort of soldiers he needed.

    ''I wanna make one thing clear. Where you came from, what race you are, your back story, your home world, ain't none of that matters anymore. Some of you won't like each other; that doesn't matter either. What does matter is that you obey my word, else I dump ya in to space and we forget all about you. So it's simple enough eh?'' he said with a chuckle and a smirk.

    ''Well, what you standing like logs for? Get yourselves unpacked and get to the briefing room asap. Oh, and learn your way around, this is yer new home now.''

    Task: A1
    Players: All
    Objective: Find your way to your quarters, unpack your bags, return to the captain on the bridge.
    Reward: Your new quarters are reward enough ;)
    OOC Instructions: Pick a room (ship plan, nose area, right of the hanger bays, the lettered rooms). The room you pick will be your permanent home henceforth, that's where you'll stash your unused items, sleep and spend private time. Who gets which room is first come, first served. Once you're picked and unpacked, assemble back at the briefing room for your first talk with the captain. The captain's briefing will take place tomorrow, to give more folks time to sign up to the RP.

    When you reply in reference to the task/mission given (this is for practice sake at the minute) use the ID I give the task/mission (in this case, A1) as a tag at the start of the post. When you're all off doing different things in different places, using those tags will become invaluable!
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  6. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester


    Razauil smiled as he climbed aboard his new ship. The Mortal Vengeance. Crappy name for a crappy ship. But I guess beggars can't be choosers, he mused as he got inside. He followed the man called Garret towards the living areas. Since the ship was empty, Razauil was able to get the quarter he wanted but it also left him thinking where the hell was all the previous crew.

    Perhaps this wasn't a great idea after all. He entered a room designated G - right where he wanted it.

    Once he was done unpacking his stuff, he went outside of his room, anxious to see his new crew mates.
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  7. A1

    Jalp was a bit confused, but he got the room thing, and spoutet "can me... Get... room A?".
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  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    A1 (Brown is for Tau! :))

    Shas'Saal'Sa'Cea'Shi'Monat wandered through the ship and saw an Eldar moving into a room, one which she would liked... So she simply took the one on the opposite side (P), far far away from the primitive Ogryn who took Room A.

    The Female Tau simply took whatever baggage she had on top of the bed for later purposes, not to forget that she still had to see how much space was in here at all. The only thing she took out of her bag was a sword which was put in it's sheath and attached to her back horizontal.

    That done she left her room and headed for the bridge. The Eldar just left his room as she did. "My name is Shas'Saal'Sa'Cea'Shi'Monat, you may call me Shi Monat." She said, bowing with her head slightly, but keeping her eyes at him.

    OOC: Assuming we have what we bought with us? (Initial Equipment)

    Sword position supplement:
    (the lower blade at the hip / waiste @anyone who knows Soul Calibur.... Try to find a non-too-sexual pic of Taki, it's like impossible, lol!)
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  9. As Jalp got to the room that he had claimed, number A.
    It had a bed and a desk with a chair and some boxes, but he had nothing but what he had on.
    He tried to lie down on the bed, it cracked fast and it too small but softer than floor.

    After that he got out his room just in time to see the blue girl go by. 'Wher she go?' Den he remembered that he was to bridge, so he followed her to the bridge.
    After she had made her intruduction. "I am.. Jalp, i am ogryn."
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  10. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member


    Resh cocked her head slightly as she mulled over the options available to her. She did not particularly like the idea of being opposite the... humanoid... wrack-brute thing, but being next to the hangar had appeal. Eventually she decided that room J was her personal realm now, and already began to dislike the human need to put light everywhere, looking for a dimmer... or a switch at least.
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