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Webway - The Way We Play.

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Exzelenz, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Carmine Exzelenz Cipher

    Webway takes a big place in Eldar warfare. Being able to create a temporary tunnels in the Webway and strike right inside of the enemy defences is a huge deal. Now as we know at this point, the game seems to be mostly about capturing and holding Fortresses\Facilities, but leaving the bread and butter mechanic of Eldar warfare seems a bit dry. We want each race to feel unique, right?
    Now, being able to appear right inside of the walls seems a bit unfair, maybe allow players place beacons (happened somewhere in the books I think, I don't remember the details though) at some important locations outside of the objective would be more fair. Fueled by the War Council command mechanics, this may actually work one way or another.
    Let's discuss several things on that matter:

    1) Webway traveling in the game - do you think it will fit?
    2) How do you want it to be implemented?
    3) Do you want it to be restricted to avoid fast-travel over-use?
  2. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    last time i checked CE do everything via webway portals and such stuff so i think it should be in game ...however i have no idea how it could be implemented properly...i could suggest something that is similar to teleport homers but im afraid im gonna be hated so i don't:p
  3. Icarus Arcadese Cipher

    It could be a power of the Warconcil. You know, summoning at heavy cost a Webway tunnel right to the enemy base or something... :D As long as its duration is quite short, it could work.
  4. Mngwa Mngwa Well-Known Member

    Yeah, maybe some infiltration stuff. But CWE don't really have portable portals, only DE do.
    But... the eldar empire was wide, and I can easily stomach an explanation that they keep finding new portals buried everywhere.

    Restricted use, definitely.

    I would say that it would be a power implemented by a warcouncil, which would work like this:

    1. The power is declared
    2. There comes an option to move to the webway from the eldar HQ
    3. When a set amount of people is present (set by warcouncil) they are teleported to an area in the battlefield (a preset place in the map, preferably somewhere secret underground place that doesn't have much fighting but it still possible to find)

    The warcouncil could also restrict who get to go. It would cost more resources for each player more, and they will want the best sneakers in there (striking scorpions!) to start an unexpected assault on the enemy.
  5. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    The webway is our excuse to have mobile spawn points, something like a webgate addon to our falcons to be able to spawn troops "similar" to DOW 2.
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  6. Pm713 Pm713 Subordinate

    I'd say certain parts of the map have Webway gates we can activate and after we can use them to spawn.
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  7. Aleris Aleris Menial

    Well, if they really strive, as they proclaim to, to bring a unique feeling to each race, then Webway Gates should definitely be implemented in a manner which wouldn't be only symbolic. It should provide Eldar with some abilities to be more deployable and mobile than other races are. Maybe as Zankaze said it could be utilised as WC power, for example, seting it in a region which Eldar don't border with and is deeper in enemy territory. It would be very close to how Eldar actually wage war and would bring more strategic aspects to the game.

    But all in all, my proposition is on top of my head and is in no manner whatsoever well-thought over. The point is, I think Webway Gates should be important to us, but the way they are implemented is beyond me at the moment. Maybe I'll get some better inspiration as time progresses.
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  8. I better be able to use Webway Portals effectively in EC. *glares at 6th edition*
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  9. Plague Malgaroth Cipher

    I like the idea of webways being a war-council thing. Webway some of your best units behind the enemy fortress to cut off supply lines and other strategic assets and then take the fortification while it's in its weakened state. Best thing is that the squad could then use the webway portal to come back as well, eliminating the most dangerous aspect of infiltration, getting back home.
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  10. Feyaden Feyaden Master

    Warp travel is imperative. Although infiltrating past the walls of enemy fortifications would be splendid as well as canon fitting, defending our territory is paramount.

    I propose having a Webway portal at our main base of operations, then have designated locations throughout the world where players can contribute their resources (in-game currency/crafting materials of some sort) to construct a portal. All portals would be linked so players could travel to any location.

    Constructing a portal would be costly, requiring numerous players to contribute resources. These Webway portals could of course be potentially destroyed by an opposing faction and then would have to be rebuilt once our kin reclaims the territory. These portals could be constructed at vital locations such as outposts, facilities, or near battlefields, making travel for our kin much more swift, as it should be.

    As for the War Council idea, I support it. It would have to be quite costly though so as to not bring unbalance.

    As for mobile spawn points, I believe the developers stated that certain vehicles would be used for that. So for us, I think wave serpents would be a fine instrument for that.

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