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Web Site Massive Update In Progress

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MathieuFecteau, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. Mathieu Fecteau MathieuFecteau Former Associate Producer

    Dear crusaders

    As you can see, we have started some updates on the website. Mainly to provide more visibility on the news, the events and the media we are posting.

    Stay tune because many more to come. We have consultants helping us to ensure the experience is always better. We are currently working on the buying mechanism, the packages and items descriptions, etc.

    Behaviour is quite new in this world, even if all our managers have years of experience in producing video games, this aspect is an adventure for all of us.
    But don't worry, we have everything in hands to make it happen. Your support brings full of energy to our teams working in all the department of production.

    Many Thanks to all of you !



    - In the Founder Store, when an item has less than 500, 100, 10 remaining, the colour of the text for the number remaining becomes increasingly red.

    - Home page has been revamped. It lists the latest 4 news items, and the last 3 medias that have a weight of 5. There are now four steps that become white/clickable depending on the state of the current user.

    - FAQ link is now in the header (top left).

    - Changed the zoom icon in the Rogue Trader

    - New page: News and Events > Awards. There is a Heap Atom for each item.

    - List of packs has been removed from the Pre-orders page and replaced with the "Get Your Founder Pack" button from the home page.

    - A user who has applied 2 packs will now have 8 character slots (before it was 4 slots for first pack, 1 slot every additional pack).

    - In The Founder Store, packs all have a description in the list-view.

    - Users' timezones in the forum will not be overwritten when they save their account on the website.
  2. u have valued custtomers who can tell u what they want u dont need no silly consultents!!!!!!
  3. Wobbley Wobbley Curator

    Customers don't always know what they want, or what sounds good in theory might not always work in practice and hiring consultants who know these things is important.

    We are a large and important influence, but we cant be the only people they receive feedback from there are numerous other stakeholders ;)
  4. It would be nice if announcements were not open to other users... then I could see in an instant, if something valuable was posted by the team, and not every five minutes someone did post something uninteresting about the twitch streams...
  5. Mathieu Fecteau MathieuFecteau Former Associate Producer

    Warsmith Housou,

    By consultent I didnt mean we are paying for external firm or anything like this. Sorry for the confusion. I was talking mainly about crusaders that have Professional knowledge in the matter. These people are fans, friends and part of the community. We have some in house collegue also helping us :)

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  6. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    (i think that the translation is: some of the behaviour/turbulent team is working on the star citizen site so they have more experience on this matter).
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  7. Ahaha first answer to OP is already twisting your words, living with the community must not be always easy :rolleyes:.

    Anyway, Merci Mathieu ! Is there any link between those updates and the new RT items ?
  8. that has made my iron heart feel a bit better

    well i hop it looks good i liked the original starting screen alot
  9. Raghnall Wonderboy2402 First Blood!

    Cool, the game is sounding great so the website should naturally follow.
  10. Rexipher Rexipher First Blood!

    I love visual upgrades! Lets hope there will be plenty in the game later on. ^^

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