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Weapons List And Wishlist For Orks.

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Dakiaris, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. I've just re-read the topic with the official basic class list, and I've realized something we may have forgotten: we, and maybe not even bE themselves, know for sure what the different ork classes will encompass at the moment, partly the reason why they still have that "name pending" thing. For all we know, what they're calling "shoota" at the moment may end up being a more generalist ork boy, able to be specced in melee as well as carrying a burna or a big shoota, same with the 'eavy, who could be as much a heavy deffgun specialist than a close-combat 'ardboy with a shield... Really, according to Brent's posts (pages 20 and 30, mostly, for those interested), we know almost nothing of what all of these classes will encompass exactly.

    tl;dr: from what we know of the ork basic classes at the moment, making a weapons list for each one is VERY premature.
  2. trying to limit our fantasy and ideas is premature >_>
  3. Sorry, I wasn't trying to limit anybody... :( Zog, even I have some wishes for weapons and how I'd like them to work.

    - kommandos should get speshul shootaz. Nothing strikes fear into our opponents more than the 3 words "ork", "shotgun" and "sneaky" in the same sentence. :p
    - I love the way rokkit launchaz work in THQ's Space Marine: the rokkits themselves are totally unpredictable, which makes them both very inaccurate (you never know where it will land) and almost impossible to dodge.
    - something I thought off, but I think it would be too easily abused. You know how Assault Marines and Raptors can dive-bomb an enemy from mid-air? Well, Stormboyz should be able to do that too... except they'd take the "bomb" part more literally, crashing down and exploding! :p (they can do that in DoW2, but I still think it'd be a stupid idea in EC, almost as stupid as the Space Marine perk that makes your jump pack explode when you die)
  4. Sum squig riddas would be noice! Maby even sum squig bommas! Strap tha squig up wif sum 'splosives an make it go zog up sum 'umies! That would be reaaal sneaky it would.
  5. Dakiaris Dakiaris Curator

    Due to reading a ton of ork lore..

    Boys - standard class ranging from sluggas mobs to shoota mobs with big shootas. They are flexible and able to adapt to keep the WAAAGH! going.

    Shock boys - Shock troop orks they range from Storm boy to 'ard boy loadouts.

    Lootas - They scavenge weapons from the battle fields and bring them to the mekboys to make some very large very loud deffguns that have so much dakka they can't even move while firing the gun and have to brace for best effect.

    Pain boys - Common doks and mad doks.. They only really fill the role because without them the WAAAGH! would stop so they are able to fight and love doing so... While putting their boys back together.

    There is 1 class that I think will be added not long after launch which is the Mekboy since they are the ones that maintain the ork vehicles and are the engineers of the battlefield and usually carry shootas/roks/spechul shootas it's uncommon for them to use other weapons.

    the weirdboy I could see coming in as a hero unit as well as a few more specialized units. The flashgitz while they are most common in the bad moons and freebooters they could potentially be a hero unit because snazzguns are quiet strong and fire any kinda high caliber, plasma or raw energy rounds. The guns main characteristic though is they cost a fortune which most orks will never get and if they do it's because they dumped every bit of wealth they had into their gun.. That's the essence of a flashgitz though.

    Anyways enough of the talk of the future I'm sure they'll give us a list of classes when they start working on putting the orks in the game.
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  6. Sum dakka would be nice, and sum moar dakka
  7. SST_2_0 SST_2_0 Preacher

    Having a single Boy class would be freeing. Units like the Painboy could be far more powerful since they would then be a rare class, including their equipment. Leaving the boy class to handle all your basics (lootas/shootas/sluggas/storm/burna etc.) and be open to the F2Waaagh to experiment with special weapons without having to give a Painboy a Kannon to add damage output to Orks overall, leaving the Painboy to super boost the toughness of a squad with feel no pain.
  8. Alorion CaiusCain Active Member

    what I want to see is a type of cannon that shoots orks riding roks for a 'transport' or siege option, you know, hurling in mobs of orks would be fun, and fun to play against imo
  9. i had an idea for the ork transport trukk
    it is open hatched, so if you drive with max speed against a rock the passangers will be fling out of the trukk like a catapult would do it and can close the gap this way :)
  10. I wish for a rok....
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