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Warriors Of Prospero Unite

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Sorcerer_raptora, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Brothers of Prospero! the time has come to rise from the ashes of our beloved planet that was burnt and destroyed by the Vile Wolves of Fenris.
    Heed the call of our Gene-father Magnus and the changer of ways Tzeentch .
    The warriors of Prospero welcome all who wish death upon the wolves of fenris and we also seek knowledge and understanding to further strengthen our legion... ALL IS DUST
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  2. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    hmm... i may assist your struggle i heard rumors of the gifts of Tzeentch though being Tau it is highly unlikely that such will be possible only one known Tau Fire Warrior has ben able to touch the warp...
  3. *looks at you* TauKoro Perhaps Tzeentch has guided you here
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  4. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    A possibility i suppose but i find that idea highly unlikely,
    the greater good is the only thing that guides me. That i know of..
    *thinks to himself*
    i wonder how much damage could a cadre of Chaos Tau could do...
  5. Gladius Well-Known Member

    *voice in your heads - A foolish move...for tau....The great devourer shall...suceed this day...
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Gladius Well-Known Member you wish to so?
  8. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    i see no wrong in my actions i am but a curious tau warrior and i have noticed many things about the chaos i have ben studying and many quality's have taken my interest...

    i only wish i could achieve these abilitys or gifts at least thats what one of the corupted imperium guards i captured has ben informing me..

    -Slayer Limb-
    -Infernal will-
    -Daemonic Stature-
    -Daemonic Strength-
    -Daemonic Speed-
    -Daemonic Flight-
    -Cloak of Darkness-
    -Blessing of the Blood God-
    -Flesh-fused weapon-
    -The Kai Gun-

    And i have heard rumors of a Chaos Talisman that can make one only temporarily die not permanently...?

    Hahaha...such talk makes me feel like i alread have the infernal will.

    with such powers how has chaos not ben able to kill off the loyalist space marines...
  9. Your Actions will enlighten and save your race from the perils of others for everything is spinned and threaded through Tzeentch every action every decision, every move you make is all planned out by Tzeentch.
  10. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    did i hear something...
    oh right Tau have almost no connection to the warp so must have be nothing just a little buzz..

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