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Warlock... WTF..

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by RayneF, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Farseer RayneF Steam Early Access

    Be that as it may I don't know how to get ahold of developers to be like a mother f*****.. Don't make a squishy class that'll die from a sneeze unable to do damage...
  2. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    the hitbox are not larger , nobody gives a shit aboutlong range since objectives are inside buildings , and for beaching tool you have storm and fury / nadetricks like all other factions
    wait really ? 20 m ? so why are u complaining about long range ? Hawks is not supposed to 1v1 head on come on
    Blip never lost a GVG and until we lose i will not consider Eldar to be UP , if we are able to make the race work everyone should
  3. Velenor Subordinate

    Our helmets are taller and the whole thing counts as a hitbox.
    You're the one saying 20 meters is the only range that matters, by your own logic swooping hawks shouldnt matter. Im saying Hawks arent supposed to fight head-on and they can't harass you if you're only fighting inside around control points. Youre saying hawks are strong but at the same time they only engage in areas that dont matter.
    youre again ignoring my point that you cant balance a faction around unique weapons, even then the storm and fury isnt much of a breaching tool.
    Grenades dont go off from a single shuriken shot, not to mention we're dealing with much more restricted ammo pools.

    but youre right, we should balance the whole game around the exception and unique weaponry. Bolters should just cover the entire spectrum and excel at every range.
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  4. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    not the entire helmet counts as the hitbox as much as marines shoulder dont have hitboxes
    TLSC isnt a unique weapon , Hawks talon isnt a unique weapon , nothing restricts hawks to fight under 20 m , nadetrick for eldar is same as all other factions , hawks can protect objectives , instead of storm and fury you can use a MC tempest launcher , bolter get fucked in close range by TLSC
    i dont know where you try to go with that but ur going no where ...
  5. Farseer RayneF Steam Early Access

    Another thing, on the point I made above if you look at the Codex which I just did even in the Space Marine codex it mentions a quote from one of the inquisitors that says
    Ask not the Eldar a question for they will give you three answers Each of which are more terrifying than the last..
    Which translates to me that their intellect is vast and if you even look at a diagram of an Eldar they are tall and Lieth, they are more mind than matter.. so naturally they should all have more psychic potency they are even reputed and the Codex is no matter which one you have if it mentions the Eldar it states that they are the masters of the psychic abilities they are as a race psykers so naturally a warlock should be full of psychic abilities because you can hit one in they would die, even the dire Avengers and all the others should have some sort of psychic power not just their guns firing off,one of their biggest things is the psychic push that knocks you away.. even the swooping Hawks when they swoop in they don't just land they send off a psychic Shockwave that pushes you away.. now don't get me wrong I'm not expecting the developers to give every single member of the faction psychic powers even though that would make sense because there race as a whole is very potent psykers says so in all the Codex.. but if they were to make the faction more Eldar like I really do feel that it would balance itself out a lot more.
  6. Farseer RayneF Steam Early Access

    I'm really big on the Codex I get into a lot of arguments at the table about s*** like this..
    You'd be surprised how often people try to Nerf things on the table not something that some encoded into a game and on the table it says in the Codex this is what I can do and you're trying to tell me that I can't I get into a lot of arguments about that.
    Just wanted to make it clear that I wasn't attacking you or anything of that nature
  7. Farseer RayneF Steam Early Access

    A Warlock not only learns the use of the psychic runes of war but also how to wield the Witchblade, a powerful Eldar Force Weapon. Witchblades writhe and twist with living runes of the Eldar Lexicon that focus the inherent power of the Warlock's mind into destructive psychic energy using a helical psychic matrix that runs through the core of the blade. In the hands of a Warlock, a Witchblade strikes with a devastating burst of psychic force that can incinerate an enemy where he stands.Warlocks accompany their forces of Aspect Warriors and Guardians. They use their psychic powers both to protect the Eldar Warriors and to wreak havoc among their foes; a thought-wave from a Warlock can instil courage in his comrades or sear the souls of the Eldar's enemies.
  8. Farseer RayneF Steam Early Access

    Straight from the Codex
  9. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    and a space marine can kill a thousand orks without problem , see the problem ? you cant balance using lore/codex/tabletop
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  10. Velenor Subordinate

    thats not codex, thats fluff. some fluff also say striking scorpions take focused bolter fire to take down.
    let's not go down that path.

    provide a source for the headshot hitbox please because I've seen people say they're bigger for Eldar. I'll take your word for it for the sake of argument but I want to know who is actually right.

    nadetricking doesnt work the same if only because plasma grenades have a smaller radius, unless that was changed.
    the TL ASC is the stormbolter equivalent, not the bolter equivalent. Its the CQC option that cost 100 LP more than the bolter with a 0,2 better TTK and no range. I wasnt talking about the TL ASC I was talking about the hunter's mark and storm & fury, and how balancing around the Ace Dakka is also bad design.
    Hawk's incredible fragility prevents them from engaging indoors. If only fighting indoors matters then hawks are pointless because they will not win fights.
    tempest launcher is still not a good breaching tool, and costs over 800 LP
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