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Warlock... WTF..

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by RayneF, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Farseer RayneF Steam Early Access

    The point still stands though, I had and I'm not the only one to state, warlocks need more punch.. because if things aren't balanced as they should be, as mentioned above, example instead of having three warlocks in a couple other people from the faction and you end up with mostly warlocks well you need to be able to survive now won't you.. so my biggest question is why did the developers put the Elder in the back burner, and specifically I've noticed from playing around with the class itself the Warlock is the one that got the most kick in the balls... Val has points couple of people who've talking on here have points if they were meant to be a buffbot why were they not a buffbot upon their creation and now that they have this enhance ability they still don't do enough, they need to do more. If the Apothecary can heal quick as hell plus they can f*** you up from at close range, and the sorcerer same scenario can really do some damage and take some too but go figure there Space Marines. The fact that Elder are squishy should mean that they have better heals more damage output from their healer to combat the apothecary's badass Bolter etc etc
  2. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    you said that you have 2 days of playtime , its really not enough to understand the balance in this game , even veterans tend to not understand how it works

    if u want a simple explanation on balance there you go :

    warlocks Sorcerers and apothecaries are on the same level , they just fullfill different roles
  3. Velenor Subordinate

    The eldar weaponry only actually get an edge over marine weaponry with the 20% damage buff and our low durability means we need that damage reduction to compete, im not convinced a marine especially equipped with MoN would perform worse than a buffed dire avenger. Our weapons have terrible damage falloff and dispite that are barely able to compete with bolters in cqc. that isnt balanced. Making Enhance an absolute requirement isnt a choice nor is it fair to balance an entire faction over a single buff you may not even be able to get buffed with in the match.
    A heal not being able to heal as effectively as another heal makes it inferior, how do you not understand this concept

    All im getting from you it "get fucked", not an actual argument. Warlocks were supposed to be more support oriented, hence how we have a bunch of utility support spells besides straight heals. Sorcerers were supposed to be more offense oriented, hence why they have 4 offensive spells to our 1.
    The game is supposed to give you choices in how you specialize, saying warlocks should just be buffbots and thats good balance goes directly against the fact they even made other spells.
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  4. Velenor Subordinate

    >my opinion is fact: the post
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  5. Farseer RayneF Steam Early Access

  6. Farseer RayneF Steam Early Access

    Krayt, you chart.. where did you get that?
    Looks home made a flawed..
  7. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Yeah sorry that eldar needs teamwork to win , its not how it works in lore
    Warlocks are more support oriented , its a fact , if u dont want to go support then take another class , thats how it works , eldar are not supposed to have powerfull choice since they are specialists , if u want to use a class for something else than what he excells at then dont cry that it doesnt work as good

    Nurgle marine : 468.63 ehp // bolter cqc : 233.1 dps
    DA enhanced : 355.8 ehp // TLSC enhanced : 352.8 dps

    T vs DA ttk : 1.52 sec
    DA vs T ttk : 1.32 sec

    eldar win
    and i will anticipate your next message : YES BUT U USED A TLSC AGAINST A BOLTER MUUUHHH

    stormbolter dps : 264.1

    T vs DA ttk : 1.35
    eldar still wins

    that chart has been made by the game's best players , you can find the entire sheet here
  8. Velenor Subordinate

    by definition a specialist should be better at their job than a generalist. As it stands all of our specialists are either inferior or dont have an equivalent in other factions, save for the fire dragon.
    You act like other factions cant utilize teamwork or don't synergize well.
    and wow .2 seconds of an advantage? that totally makes up for having absolutely no range on our our weaponry! Truely us specialists blow you generalists out of the water. You're also completely disregarding the apothecary's HoT grenade and defense vial.
    You want to pin a buffed player vs an unbuffed player while completely ignoring the buffs the other faction has access to.
  9. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Warlocks are just a very very shit offensive class which can have weapons that make them even worse at offensive play styles, out of the two Psykers in the game Warlock is the defensive and the Sorcerer is the offensive and they are locked into those roles as their wargear shows.

    In 30k chests you can get a weapon called a croneblade which reduces your melee damage by like 20 but gives you 20 warp charge, if you use that, advanced armour and the two spells enhance and embolden then the warlock actually becomes semi tanky, the trick is using I frames and cover to heal up damage taken, basically you dance around them to buy time and since both spells are aoe everyone is benefiting from it.

    For damage Eldar have legit two of the worst pistols in the game, but if you get a master crafted shuriken pistol, the spread reduction barrel and buff it with enhance then it actually becomes a very nice pistol if you aim for the head, you can effortlessly heavy attack and burst them down with your pistol, even if you use the croneblade

    I main the croneblade, enhace and embolden Warlock and have for like a while now, if I can tell you one positive thing I learned, it's that Warlock is a bad melee class, but the enemies are even worse at defending themselves

    - from a croneblade main who regularly got crusader and best support medals:cool:
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