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Warlock... WTF..

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by RayneF, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Marat Al Fattakh data_angel Steam Early Access

    I had heal and protec at the time. because I protec. But i am still not sure about the role of the warlock ATM, because i can't say whether I am doing more greater good than when i play hawk or FD
  2. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    -If we are forced into fighting, the team needs 1-2 Enhance-Warlocks.
    -If we are defending, we need at least 2, good Fire Dragons, preferably in a Vehicle, 1 if we are attacking.
    -A small squad of skilled Hawks can do great damage, if the players know their shit. They aren't equally viable for every role, best suited for defending a point under open air.
    -Striking Scorpions are great to solo-guard offpoints against stealthcaps.
    -Dire Avengers are the main ground-force and, together with Shuriken Cannons, our line of defense.
    -Reaper Launchers can be fun to attack heavily fortified positions or counter-snipe.
  3. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    haha though so

    i keep using protect for 3 months no freaking exp for helping allies

    i change to healing and give boon ability
  4. Marat Al Fattakh data_angel Steam Early Access

    I like the idea of this spell too, but sometimes I have a feeling that comrades die as fast as when i cast nothing. Sometimes even faster than if I take DA instead and shoot enemies instead of keeping up the protec spell
  5. Marat Al Fattakh data_angel Steam Early Access

    To all the math loving guys. Guys, I remember that, mathematically, it is not possible, I am talking about the feeling.
  6. Thalion100 Recruit

    I tried Protect several times but always found it inferior to Enhance. As a Team - one Warlock using Prot the other Enhance - its golden. But thats a rare occasion.

    Enhance your team, embolden your team and as soon as embolden runs - flank the enemy and stab them in the back. Still works like a charm (ofc i am not talking about highly experienced pre-made groups).

    We cannot face tank - but we are expert flankers

  7. Seraphel Recruit

    I like Flickering Fire better than Lash.

    Flickering fire nukes shieldbros, heat ailment means I can dodge and they're still taking damage, and I get the tzeentch heal which is better than slaaneshi heal because it's a fire and forget. The hitpoint loss sucks but c'est la vie.
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  8. Drakkoth Krypto Arkhona Vanguard

    The difference could be that the HB was doing headshots while the reaper was just trying for bodyshots

    I'd also like to say that doombolt is a great spell to use to fire into blind corners that the enemy is trying to assault from. I think of it as a short range(10-30 meters) plasma cannon. So using it makes you into a havoc with better mobility, an infinite heal, and a decent melee weapon. The biggest drawback it has is the giant warning it gives as it slowly approaches hence the blind corners thing.
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  9. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    Doombolt's projectile speed is awful. Also you can shoot it midflight, like you would do to an grenade. In all, its rather an inferior grenade.
  10. Doombolt takes a few shots to kill unlike the grenade where it takes 1.

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