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Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade Discounts Its Founder Packs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grigdusher, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Nah, we (still^^) love you!
    I am also sure that you can make a game closer to the fans and the IP than some other big publishers! (Even though more people for more features would be nice :p)

    Also in general, I just love it whenever you post something, now we are getting so much dialogue, and we haven't even seen the 19. stream yet :D Even though the subject is difficult (and it was a serious Issue for me in the beginning), it just shows again that you guys ARE fair. (Do I sound to much like a fanboy now, I should stop here).
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  2. Possibly, but then i have no one else to blame but myself. I still might complain a little ;P
  3. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    Dear Miguel,

    I too love GW.

    However as a long time consumer of their products I feel the moral need to say that they charge way too damn much for what they're delivering. I think that's definitely a concern here sometimes as well - that said, I don't think we're taking into account the prospect of early access and we're looking at just the pricing of the RTS. But back to GW: An ironfisted monopoly on the IP is not an excuse to have prices for resin models that get updates less often than the core rule books change. Virtually all of my friends no longer play Table Top because it has broken their banks - instead choosing to play other games (Warmachine) or dropping the hobby altogether. I have a decent core collection, to which I am in position that I could make serious gains if I chose to spend a small fortune in comparison to buying a Warrior pack.

    I get the fact that you have a better relationship with GW than I likely ever will, and it would be foolish to bite the hand that feeds (which I clearly see you are sensible not to do!), but I know that I am not the only one that is dismayed by the many things GW has done, and the many more actions GW has not done with/to its fans. GW may not believe in marketing, but I can tell you, GW is out of touch with its fanbase. You are right to describe it as an Old Lady with many tried and true traditions, but there is a difference between getting Granny Warhammer to start a 21st century marketing campaign, and curing its dementia in thinking that it always knows best.

    Quite frankly, no company with such an investment in its fans will ever know what's best for the fans unless it actually listens to them. Which is why I think you're one talented SoB Migeul. You do both;

    You make your company money and satisfy the powers that be.

    You work with us. We may be part of your marketing team, but I think the entire point of this is for us to absolutely love it. If things continue this way... you might have a ravenous horde of fans on your side.....
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  4. Beskern Beskern Recruit

    They need to drive sales and its as simple as that. Holiday discounts are nothing new, you think people don't have buyer's remorse when steam games go on sale?
  5. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

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  6. RufusUltra RufusUltra Arkhona Vanguard

    Courage and Honour Brother's and Sister's.
    no retreat
    no refund
    no falter
    brace yourself and stay firm and loyal since the day you join the crusade. Weather the strom of discounts.
  7. Nicolas Brunoni NicolasBrunoni Lead UI/UX Designer

    Our Founders are really precious to us, and the early ones even more. And this is shared by ALL the EC team here at Bhvr.

    So trust us when we say we gonna find a way to reward you for your dedication and faith. Some of your Reward ideas are awesome but I'm not sure we have all the infrastructure right now to implement them. Something we will need to develop as we come back from the Holidays.

    I feel bad asking you to keep the faith until mid-January but alas, that's the only thing I can say until then. Like Miguel said, even if it did shake a bit the community this campaign seems to be a success even at this early stage. This is something really important for our project and its future.

    If errors have been made they will be corrected. Don't forget that you are the players, the customers, the ones we are making this game for. Always voice your concerns and share your enthousiasm. This is your game never forget it.
  8. Vigil Vigil Well-Known Member

    I understand why they've discounted the packs to attract more people over the holiday season, but I'll admit that I'm slightly miffed as a long-time member as it does feel like we're getting the rough end of the stick in terms of raw value for money. To be completely honest though, I'm still happy to pledge what I already have in good faith and I really appreciate the candid responses from the bEhaviour team. Thank you for that.

    Faith and duty, brothers.
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  9. Xerxex Xerxex Master

    My concerns with the issue are all settled and I have to say bE's attitude is exemplary.
    Kudos to Miguel and his team. They now got even more money from me then before ; )

    Let today's Twitch stream begin!
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  10. Hienz Hienz Cardinal

    Well said and seconded, great behaviour from bE - certainly refreshing compared to other developers, well played guys
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