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Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Savij, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. It is sad that it's a requirement in these games, but on mobile there's sadly not too much of an alternative. There have been studies which have shown that higher priced games - or even those with price tags at all - tend to make unfortunately little profit compared to those with a free to play model. Still, glad to hear the gameplay is relatively solid.
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    no it's not accurate at all.

    the monetization of the game is one of the best in existance in the mobile market:
    the energy sistem recharge fast,
    there is multiple method of obtain items and hard currency,
    there is daily event that reward top players with special skin and good items (but all player get a reward based in their rank), there is even with a fixed kinight or with the player knight,
    there is a lot of optional "watch this spot" instead of "pay me money",
    there is no "rate thi app 5" every 5 minutes,

    the only thing behind a true paywall is special skin that reproduce the painschemeof famous knight,

    the game allow 10-15 minutes of play session, every few hours, that is perfectly fine for s mobile game.

    of course if you want to play for 5 hours it's not possible and require tons of real money... but who want to play 3 hours????

    in additiom they appear to patch the game with new content almost every month: the have added new weapons like power fist or lighting cannon and increase the level cap.

    a player that play 5-10 monutes each day can have a level capped knight with epic equipment, yes you can use the credit card and buy a top item: but what's the point in a item hunting game?
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    Hrm. May be time to boot up Bluestacks again, if it's still kicking about...

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