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War Weekend 3 - LSM - 8/25-27

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Katzu_HSM, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Hey everybody! @Talron and I are running the next War Weekend 8/25-27 and we're trying a grudge match between Our Righteous Adeptus Astartes and the Foul and Accursed Heretic Astartes of Chaos! For all the info head to the link below! Next Monday we'll do a 'lead-up' announcement, but I figured we'd throw this up now so y'all can plan and/or announce your involvement.
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  2. Here’s a quick reminder, but the LSM/CSM War Weekend starts FRIDAY! For more info see this thread:


    Cassius Murus’ barrel followed the green-black armor of the Dark Angel from his vantage point on the ridgeline. His own bolter demolished beyond recognition, he had taken Sergeant Viridis’ Sternguard Bolter and used the basic knowledge passed through his training to assure the weapon was in working order. He didn’t have the range to do any real damage to the Astartes should it prove to be another trap, and he didn’t think it even would be, but caution is what saved him from those head-collecting Night Lords, and it was what would save him now.

    Olipsis was a sandy, barren speck on the edge of the continent, but through prayers to the Omnissiah Cassius had managed to cobble together a vox relay from the equipment in the downed Thunderhawk and a nearby drop pod. He had configured it to send out the Thunderhawk’s salvation beacon signal in the hopes that Astartes command would intercept it and recover him before the Raptors returned to set another trap.

    He continued to follow the armored figure below. Most probably a Dark Angel, though be bore no marking or symbol of his Chapter. Indeed, the only icon the ancient armor bore on it was a single angel upon his chestpiece, doubtless some devotional icon of their warrior cult. The figure moved effortlessly across terrain, Stalker Bolter at the ready. He ducked out of Cassius’ sightline and he tried to adjust, loosening some smaller rocks as he moved to reposition. Suddenly, the planetary vox frequency crackled to life in his ear.

    “Crew of the Primarch’s Wrath; I am Kiraman Katibin of the Dark Angels, and I am responding to your beacon. Respond.”

    Cassius froze again and started scanning the buildings where he had seen the Dark Angel move into. Had he been seen? Was this another trick set up by the Raptors? Cassius scanned the rest of the ridgeline, pausing for a moment as his scope crossed the platform, plasma burns and the smoldering Thunderhawk still present.

    “Crew of the Primarch’s Wrath; I am Kiraman Katibin of the Dark Angels, and I am responding to your beacon. I am in pursuit of enemies of the Throne and cannot stay any longer. Announce yourselves or you shall be left here.” Then, a moment later, the voice added, “If I wished you dead it would be so, Ultramarine; Naaman trained his scouts well.”

    Looking back to the building, he caught the flash of one of Arkhona’s suns reflecting off a Stalker scope. Standing from his position, Cassius said, “A thousand apologies, Brother Katibin, but in light of cer-”

    “I am certain the report you bear will be most enlightening… to others,” Kiraman interupted, “My concern is your recovery and escort to a garrisoned outpost so that I can continue my hunt for the Night Lord Raptor responsible for the loss of three squads in hit-and-fade ambushes in as many days. Grand Master Belial has deemed his destruction Strategic Priority Majoris and vital to the war effort on Arkhona.”

    Coming down and crossing the distance, Cassius gestured back to the platform. “Four squads, Brother Katibin. I have seen the traitor and his cult brethren that follow him.” Glancing down at his sergeant’s bolter, Cassius said, “Allow me to accompany you, Son of the Lion. I have sworn oaths that I shall be there when that beast is put down for good, and I would not be denied.”

    “I do not have time for distractions or rescue missions, Son of Guilliman.”

    “Nor do I,” Cassius said coldly. “We move together, locate this Night Lord, and eliminate him. If we come across brothers that will help us then I will coordinate logistics and you can continue to serve as advanced party. When we find him, we would have the resources and ability to trap him, and vengeance will be swift.”
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  3. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    Might be able to make this on Sunday.
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  4. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    Assassination huh? Is there a special game mode or is it still territorial?
    Though seeing how LSM performs lately, I doubt none would matter.
  5. Man I wish I could do special game modes. With this campaign its territory on the LSM/CSM continent. I'm kicking around how to change up how we tally points and even how to determine a winner, but because I'm limited to only the tools I as a player have its harder to work within those confines.

    I'm working on ways to make the Community Campaigns the envy of the game; but I don't have much wiggle room and I'm having to social-engineer some systems to make them work for me. Its not an easy process.
  6. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    I understand.
    How about have 2 people (or 3) playing the campaign-specific characters and count only the matches that those characters joined?
    I haven't worked out anything yet either so no details could be provided... Then have a "showdown" match where they try to queue against each other at the same time (though this would be hard to do).
  7. Currently the characters are on the same account. If this does well, I'm thinking about breaking it out to four accounts (one per faction.). Then if THAT goes well my plan is to do 'flashpoints' using the Eternal Battles system.
  8. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    Considering you might have 2 characters per faction per campaign, you might need 8 extra accounts.
    I got unused Squad packs that I won (meant for in guild promotions, but it's been a while since we recruited anyone worthy of it) so let me know if you need them for RP characters.
  9. We can talk. Let me get through my hell-at-work day.
  10. A report from Brother Kiraman Katibin to Arkhona Command.

    In pursuit of Heretic Astartes designated "Kyrarax." Have acquired Fire Team led by Ultramarine Cassius Murus. Sweeping sector 7-Gamma for intelligence concerning target. Will begin sweep of sector 8-Alpha presently.

    Message ends.

    The Enigma Stream of Belial

    ** SCOREBOARD: Phase 1/6 Complete **
    CSM 10 LSM 6


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