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War Weekend 2 - Orks - 8/11-13!

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Katzu_HSM, Jul 31, 2017.

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  2. Here’s a quick reminder, but the CSM/Ork War Weekend starts FRIDAY! For more info see this thread:


    Kaptain Gutzcleava strode over the bodies of dead Spikey Boyz and smiled a big, toothy grin. His Boyz had been banged up pretty good from crashing into the ocean, but nothin’ gets an Ork ready for a fight like another fight, and after each scrap more and more Boyz were showing up. Wouldn’t be as big as Skarblitz’s Waaagh!, but Gutzcleava felt it, like that static charge signalling an oncoming thunderstorm.

    “B-Boss?” A Grot had shown up carrying his improved Choppa. Make no mistake Da Kaptain’s Choppa had been ded flash before, but now it’d had spikes welded to the front and a small generator running electricity down the blade, making it much more killy than before. Gutzcleava snatched it from the Grot and kicked him, sending him flying. A few test swings and he KNEW… This thing could cave a Spikey Boyz head in right proppa.

    Hobbling out to the center of the Boyz hut, Gutzcleava bellowed “ARE YA WURFLESS GITS READY FER A WAAAAAGH!?!?” The camp roared their approval, and he felt himself get a bit bigger. Now was the time.

    “Right, so ‘ere’z da plan. Dese Spikey Boyz ‘ere iz like Grots, see? An’ we gave ‘em a proppa krumpin’. But da ones we got commin’ up iz ‘arder; ded ‘arder, an’ dey won’t go wifoutta fight like you ain’t seen yet. But lemmie tellz ya all, somfing you lot needz ta ‘ere…” The Boyz were primed, ready to go, and Gutzcleava felt it. They just needed a little nudge. “Nah, I shouldn’t yell ya…” The Boyz yelled and hollered. He’d tugged em just right.

    “Okay! Okay! I’ll tellz ya! Now ‘E told me not ta say nuffin, but Skarblitz hisself is watchin’ our Waaaagh!, see? An’ he’z lookin’ fer some lads ta get stuck in wif. I told ‘im you lot waddn’t up ta snuff, but ‘e finks dat any Boy wat can take one uv dem Iron Boyz bases, well… Well dey might be jes ded ‘ard enough to run wif ‘im.” The Boyz hollared. They roared. They found quite a few things and broke ‘em in their bloodlust. Gutzcleava smiled at the furor caused by one little lie and raised his Choppa.

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  3. Kommando-007 Corie Preacher

    Looks more fun den dat gore angel fingy.

    A fraggin daemon?! Zog me....*consults Da Kommando Field Manual* Gonna need lots ov bombs fer dat.
  4. FreeMek Gortflagg Nexle09 Arkhona Vanguard

    Hmm...Takin' iron spike boy base....Foight a daemon boy..

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    Remindin' ya dat Kaptain Gutcleava and Da Warboss boff say dat today starts da next Community Waaagh! Weekend (dem 'Umies callz it a 'War Weekend,' but whadda dey know?)! Da weirdboyz'll be countin' up Territories Held on da CSM/Ork continent at noon an 6pm Fri-Sun, an da winna'll be named an ficshun ritten Sunday evenin'! So get ya Boyz, mob up, and loot youse some 'Umie 'eads fer yer bosspole, yeah?

    Kaptain Gutzcleava's put up 200 teef fer da Boy what kan bring 'im a workin' Looted 'Umie Bolta!

  6. Huddle up, Boyz!

    We'z pushin' da Spikey Boyz back, but you lot out front 'ave been fightin' like grots! Get da lead out and get stuck in dere, Boyz, 'fore I gets to krumpin worfless gits wif me Choppa!


    ** Community Campaign Scoreboard: Phase 1/6 Complete **
    CSM 7 Orks 9

  7. -WCA-Vola Talron Steam Early Access

    How goes the choppen boys?
  8. Kommando-007 Corie Preacher


    I ain't seen nuffin ov Kaptain Gutzcleava yet.
    Few wins but no guild stacks.

    Sum fights wos close! Win or lose by da last few secunds.

    Did get ta ruin sum Spikeys day wen in a fort defense match (shout out to USSR Orks in same match) an I jus' went on da offensive ta get sum krumpin an stop dem takin A.

    Nearly 11pm ere an I's got ta rest up fer more fightin.
  9. (That's because I'm still at work and I haven't changed the password or removed the payment information from the Steam account we have him saved on... I trust some of these guys, but not enough with my credit card info... Lol.)
  10. Sup, Boyz?

    Gutzcleava is stuffin' 'is gob, but wants me ta tellz ya yer doin' a bang-up job on ta krumpin'. Keep it up an we'll seez ya come sunz-up!

    ** Community Campaign Scoreboard: Phase 2/6 Complete **
    CSM 13 Orks 19

    (Thanks to @Corie for saving my ass on the screencap.)​
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