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War Weekend 1 - LSM/Eldar - 7/28-30!

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Katzu_HSM, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Here’s a quick reminder, but the LSM/Eldar War Weekend starts TOMORROW! For more info see this thread:


    Daron was nearly a statue as his helmet-mounted auspex scanned the field, battlefield data from advance-deployed battle brothers filtering in and cross-checking for field bias. Using every skill his centuries of battle had instilled in him, he had tracked the Striking Scorpion ‘Elrakae’ to an abandoned refinery. ‘Here will the savagery begin in earnest,’ he thought as he uploaded relevant tactical data to each squad that had joined him, ‘Here will I meet that xeno in battle once again, with the fury of my brother Astartes at my side, and we will destroy that abominable stone once and for all, as I should have done the first time.’

    ‘What was so important about THAT stone that drove the Eldar to such extremes as they had?’ The answer still eluded him, as did most things regarding the twisted and perverse ways of their kind. Every time his mind drifted to thoughts of that stone, it was as if a tiny voice implored him to stare deeper into it recesses; to find some half-buried truth that was swiftly driven out by the training and conditioning all Astartes underwent. He wondered if there was some dire clue as to the Eldar’s mission to Arkhona hidden within the stone, but as he again began to ponder the tiny voice his vox popped and crackled to life.

    “Brother Katibin of the Dark Angels to Captain Hein.” It was the reclusive Dark Angel that had joined his hunt. Daron was originally put off by this Brother from The Rock, as he bore very old armor and no apparent chapter marking save for the solitary robed figure on his torso and the sign of a tactical marine on his right shoulder. Katibin had proven to be a valuable asset and a skilled hunter in their pursuit, though, so Daron had allowed him a bit more freedom than he might otherwise have afforded such a Brother.

    “Report, Brother Katibin.”

    “Sizable Eldar force. About 30 or so; comparable in size with our own element. May be more. Female Scorpion with broken helm sighted speaking with one of their witches in the middle of the compound. Report ends.”

    “Acknowledged,” said Daron with finality. He finished his field instructions and sent the attack signal.

    Here, the savagery WOULD begin in earnest.

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    Start of War Weekend. Taken 7/28/17 @ 0120 Eastern US
    (Not counted for the win)​
  3. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    So I know you asked, but I can neither confirm or deny that MYST will be there this weekend. All signs point that there will be some sort of presence, however I will not be there as I am out of town. The Eldar are very aware of this event. I look forward to seeing what happens.
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  4. Phase 1/6 Complete, Brothers! The Xenos have resorted to foul trickery and blasphemous magics to save their misbegotten kind! Drive them back and take their lands for the Emperor!

    Score as of Phase 1: Eldar 11, LSM 5​
  5. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

  6. Phase 2/6 Complete, Space Marines! We are injured; our wounds severe. But to falter and fall is to blaspheme against the Emperor himself! Such a thing cannot be: IT MUST NOT BE! We must double our efforts, and they must be taught to fear us by any means!

    Score as of Phase 2: Eldar 24, LSM 8​
  7. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    I'm seeing matches where the Eldar outnumber LSM. It's strange.
  8. There seems to be a number of factors going on.

    1) LSM are telling me they are using "Battle Now" instead of specifically joining the LSM/Eldar continent. Getting matches in? Yeah. Are they counting for the war? Nope.

    2) The Eldar I know of are stacking like fiends, and are running headlong into LSM PUGs.

    3) Several CSM and Ork guilds (and a few LSM) said they'd flip to Eldar to help bolster the numbers, and it seems to have hyper-corrected the problem.

    4) The Eldar have been attacking like mad today but are starting to fatigue going into the evening, when LSM will be more plentiful but matches will be fewer. It should preserve their lead into tomorrow's noon count.

    Doesn't look good for Captain Hein and his search for the Scorpion Elrakae. The hunter is now the hunted, it seems.
  9. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    I've seen an awful lot of LSM running MultiMelta vs Eldar infantry.
  10. Phase 3/6 Complete. We gain ground. By Bolter and Blade, Brothers, will we earn our Salvation! For the Glory of the Primarchs and for Him on Holy Terra! ADVANCE!

    Score as of Phase 3: Eldar 35, LSM 13​
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