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War Is A Bond - Poem

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Shifter, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. War is a bond

    Between the Blood God, father
    And the Planet, mother
    Skulls cascade over the landscape,
    The air reeking of spilt blood
    Excites our thirsting buds with its scent of Chaos,
    While our gnarled gloves hoist our stained, gritty axes
    We brethren, we stir -
    Blessed by the gentle caress of blood-lust.

    This Planet loves no life-giver; hates no death-bringer
    Our plight; a mother’s pride, a father’s will
    We hone our skills to better exalt them
    Loyal brothers chanting with fervor
    Determined and efficient
    Through spiked helms we bare teeth like skinned heads
    Grin wide as scarecrows brimming with rage,
    flexing for fighting
    To the center of the fight-
    wielding axes with eagerness to cleft.

    Halving our enemies pleases our parents,
    Our legacy unified and our names immortalized
    while the strata of bones pulses underfoot,
    We, born of this Planet, this mother, nurture the dead;
    Their skulls, our progeny, ordaining the throne of the Blood God
    Our father

    The bond - complete
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