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Wanting to Start 40K with BT

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by mcfancher1, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. mcfancher1 Recruit

    So the first time I ever saw 40K being played was a long time ago and I've always been interested in it. I've seen friends play and I actually attended a tournament at my local hobby store this past weekend to watch some of the armies play, but I've always said that if I ever started playing I wanted to play the Black Templars. Their history and method of playing has always appealed to me, albeit I've seen people say its great and you can decimate and also that you can be destroyed easily yourself.

    So to begin, I've gotten my hands on the 7th Edition Codex and skimmed through it a bit, but to start and from doing some research, it seems that my first Crusader Squad that I want to make should be roughly 15 BT (1 SB, and a decent combo of Initiates and their Neophytes to soak up damage, if I wanted it to be even I'd say 7 Initiates and 7 Neophytes, but it seems better to go more Initiates) which will take full advantage of an LRC's max capacity of 15 and its a dedicated transport. Also an Emperor's Champion, though I hear that Grimaldus is also very advantageous.

    My biggest thing to even get started is this. How do I build this squad? I can't seem to find anything and since there is no specific BT basic squads, it seems that I just need to buy a normal Space Marine Squad and Space Marine Scouts to make the Initiates and Neophytes and then the BT upgrade/conversion kit from what I've seen from other newbies wanting to make a crusader squad. Being that they are close combat, it seems that you want the SB to have a power sword and multi-melta and then each Initiate have a sword and bolter and then same thing for the Neophytes and then taking advantage of having an Initiate take a Special Weapon and an Initiate taking a Heavy Weapon.

    Basically I'm stuck here because I don't actually know where to start. No one at the tournament was playing Black Templar, but I think the owner does. Being the owner, I don't know if he actually has the time to truly sit down with me and explain how to build/play this army. So I'm looking for any information on how to really begin to make my first squad. I'm not looking at going directly towards an 1850 army anytime soon as that will take a lot of time and money to build to that so I'm in no rush.
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  2. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    You're instincts are right. You'll want a squad of tactical marines and a squad of close combat scouts. The BT upgrade pack will give you some flavor and appropriate arms. You could also get an assault marine pack for the legs, chainswords, and pistols.

    Keep in mind that you want to assault with these squads so heavy weapons are kind of a waste. They'll be shooting snap shots the whole game pretty much. Your Initiates have a better armor save so stock up on those; Neophytes are there for extra attacks and wounds.

    If the owner isn't really busy one day, ask if he can give you some general tips some time. Owners are generally willing to help out new players. It's good for business and the community.

    And look out for used armies. Ebay could have some, or someone local might be downsizing/getting out of the hobby. It will save you a lot of money to buy used and put in a little more work. Stripping models is a pain, but it's better than paying full price.
  3. mcfancher1 Recruit


    Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate it. Not so much instincts lol, I did try to do some research before I started going anywhere. Biggest thing was getting my hand on the codex. Can't believe that sucker is $50+.

    So that I'm tracking, the Tactical Squad = Initiates/Sword Brother

    The Scouts = Neophytes

    And I need the Assault Guys because the other two don't come with appropriate looking legs, chainswords, and pistols?

    This is why I'm so confused with 40K because it makes it extremely difficult to know what to buy to build certain forces. I'd hate to have to drop $40+ just because I didn't have enough swords or something.
  4. mcfancher1 Recruit

    Seems like the Sternguard Vet Squad looks best for a Sword Brother.

    EDIT: Nevermind. There is an actual SB Squad.
  5. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    The thing to remember is that bits will always be there. 40k has a big initial investment, but it tapers off after a while.

    The tactical squad box comes with primarily boltguns, special weapons, and legs that are just standing. Assault marines have more chainswords, pistols, and running legs. The tac box should have a chainsword or two and some combat knives.
  6. About the assault chaps, at that time, there really is no need for them, even more if you plan to take them for pieces. Try to get some second hand minis, those bastards are expensive.
    About the rest, if you plan to build a 1,850 points army, you'll quickly learn that giving too much importance to the pose of your models is a bit useless, plus it will cost you a gigantic amount of money ^^
  7. Drew DrewM Preacher

    I can't comment too much on the actual army composition, because I don't play space marines, but as for the painting, I've learned a couple of things that might be useful:

    1. If this is your first army, I strongly suggest you build and paint 2-3 tacticals completely before starting on the others. Way too often do people (including me, for sure) just build them all at once and then start to paint them, only then wishing they had done something differently (posing more, doing different colors, planning for bases, etc.). Complete 2 or 3 so you really get a good idea of what to do with the rest of your army.

    2. Getting good results is 90% practice, so start with your smaller/less detailed models first and finish your HQ/favorite models last, that way they come out the best.

    3. Find a good, but fairly easy paint guide. It takes a long time to get good enough to make your units look as good as the ones on the box art; don't try to do that from the get go. Start somewhat simple and build up the details as you get better.
    3.5. Black templars can be a little bit tricky if you don't paint them right. Pure white is very hard to do sometimes, because it is bright and you can see dark colors underneath easily. Definitely do light, thin layers and build up the white instead of doing thick layers that will clog up detail and probably show brush strokes. You probably don't want to prime the model black, for that reason, because you'll be trying to cover up dark black with bright white, and it will take 3-4 coats to get a good white.

    4. It's often cheaper to buy through ebay and strip the miniatures of their paint. I just search for units/armies that I'm interested in every couple of days and try to find good deals (sometimes there's gold, sometimes there's nothing of note). You can find good guides online for how to clear off the paint, but it basically comes down to buying a tub, some cleaning supplies, watering it down, leaving the minis to soak overnight, and brushing off the paint. Buying directly from GW is expensive, and this will definitely save you money in the long run, if not immediately.
    4.5. If you have a local game store, see if they have any deals. Some don't, but some actually have fairly reasonable prices. Ebay and stripping (the paint) is often the best, but deals are good, too.

    5. Don't buy too much at a time. I bought almost all of my Nids at once, and, while I love them, it's sometimes overwhelming to see how much painting I have to do. I'm guessing it's not nearly as bad for non-swarm races, but just don't drown yourself.
  8. mcfancher1 Recruit

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for the replies. So my local hobby store had a Sword Brothers kit for 50% and it was 'eavy metal so I bought it first. I went nuts and assembled and painted them in about a day and a half. I wouldn't say they look amazing because I'm far from an expert when it comes to painting. But I think they look pretty good. Also did the EC. Same deal. But I like them. Went and bought a Tac Squad and some Scouts for Initiates and Neophytes. Realized I probably need a BT conversion kit per 1-2 Tac Squads and another scout box for my two CC crusader squads. This squad I'm keeping bolsters with a heavy and a special. Allows me to customize its size based on points and with a dedicated LRC, I can capture two objectives and start firing at intruders or provide range support to my melee.

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  9. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    Hey, not bad at all. Now you can join the club of trying to paint black and white armor well. I think we're only bested by people who paint a lot of yellow.

    Unless you're really into appearances, you don't have to worry about conversion kits right now. You can always snap off some shoulder pads once you get the upgrade kits. Bolt pistols and chainswords come off easily enough. Even though it doesn't fit the BT ethos quite as much, you might consider a devastator squad. Their kits got more expensive, but the tac squads have some heavy weapons, I think. The heavy weapon will really slow down a crusader squad. Flamers and meltas are assault weapons, and plasmaguns fit with bolters because rapid fire. rocket launchers and multi-meltas will be firing snap shots a lot of the time because the tac squad will be moving. A dev squad with four rocket launchers can park in one place. And get AA missiles.

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