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Want try to take on PVE Co-Op alone? Theoretically, winning is possible (Not possible).

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    Ain't no denying it so congratz! Very nice video.
  2. Thank you, though calling it nice is a stretch if you look at some of the other stuff that I actually put some effort into.
  3. Ondora Ondora Subordinate

    While it's nice to have the option, I doubt anyone was really waiting for this.
  4. KidMeatball KidMeatball Steam Early Access

    There have been many calls for a solo pve campaign. I think people want something more story mode, but there are lots of people who would like to be able to earn xp or other rewards outside of pvp in whatever way that looks.

    This experiment may serve some other data collection purposes. This might be a good way to single out class and race performance in a more fixed environment. Pvp can be chaotic and many variables can change from one fight to the next.
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  5. Covi Doomness1000 Recruit

    Any time I go to join the UAT server it says I failed to connect and exits me out of the game. What times are the UAT server live? Or is it always live and I am just having technical difficulties I need to work out.
  6. Unless they have now disabled it, you can do this in Live. Just queue like normal and press ready button when in PVE to start.

    Edit: You have to right-click the game(EC) in your Steam library and choos to launch UAT. Using desktop shortcut does not work for me either.
  7. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Always live , right click on the game in your library and click on launch UAT or it will crash
  8. Covi Doomness1000 Recruit

    Sweet, that's probably what I was missing. All I'd do was switch the beta in the game's properties and then click play. I must have missed that in the explanation on the UAT thread.
    And now it appears to be working! Thanks guys!
  9. Tior Elsworth Tior Steam Early Access

    Any SM daring to do this?? I don't think that it's possible for SM.....
  10. Covi Doomness1000 Recruit

    Can't help but feel it would be easier if they'd let us run Vets in single player.

    Edit: I should be clear. I'm not complaining that the Relic Pak challenge is hard. I'm just sayin' I'd love to see single player in the full servers, but without vets this is really hard.

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