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Vote On Your Community Q&a Rep!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Aug 14, 2014.


Vote on Your Community Q&A Rep

  1. DjemoSRB

    65 vote(s)
  2. Killbo Fraggins

    21 vote(s)
  3. Grigdusher

    61 vote(s)
  4. Blodtorst Ulvsson

    6 vote(s)
  5. UnrelentingOrk

    8 vote(s)
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  1. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    Hey Crusaders :)

    Several of you have stepped forward to offer your assistance in collecting questions from the forums every other week to send to the team. This will help cut down on PM’s to the dev team which will give them more time to work on the game, while still making sure your questions get answered.

    Please take a moment to read our 5 volunteers’ messages below, then place a vote who you think would be best to act as our Community Q&A rep.

    For the Emperor!


    1)Noone will be sifting through hundreds upon hundreds of threads, not me and i think i speak for everyone who would end up being the representative. There are more than 4 people reading this forum, so many things are already known to the forum populace. Thats where the whole "everyone is a helper" thing comes in. With linking to sources on already answered questions if the representatives are away or cannot recollect where they have seen the answer.

    2)As stated above noone should expect us jumping about everywhere. The thread should always be made in the General Subforum (yes it is spambot central, its also sees most traffic) and stickied upon its creation. After running its duration (this would be something on Katies end do decide) it get locked.

    3)Unless this whole filing of answers is to turn into a horrid mess one of two things needs to happen. Upon locking the current thread it should either:

    a)Be moved to the Resource and Interview section

    b)Its should be moved into a newly created Q/A subforum in which these topics will be placed. And only these topics, so the subforum becomes something of a massive FAQ of its own. With clean and concise threads that only feature a question/answer.

    I prefer the latter cause the former will make the R&I section a mess imo. The third option could be a massive constantly updating thread in the R&I section, though after awhile im guessing someone on the side looking at the thread will see it as a chore to sift through God knows how many pages the thread will have.

    If other people want to work under more hectic conditions (that dont include the above mentioned) then more power to them, and good luck.
    Cause without the above mentioned it will take quite allot of unnecessary time wasted in the lives of the few people who end up doing this. And at least in my case i got other things IRL that take their own time, im sure others do too.


    Killbo Fraggins

    “My approach to this position will be direct and simple: To cover as many areas as possible and ensure that everyone is given a fair chance to get their question answered.

    While sorting through questions from the community, I will be looking for an equal split between mechanics, community, lore, balance and economy. While focus may shift slightly from session to the next depending upon what stage development is at, the most recently released information and the quality of questions themselves; overall there will be an even balance between subjects. Factions will also be considered in order to prevent every army related question being about space marine chapters.

    Similarly I will ensure that the same members of the community are not selected every time out, nor others overlooked. Should a member have their question answered one Q&A session, their questions will not be selected for the following two. As there are a limited number of answers, this seems the fairest way to prevent unintentional or possible favouritism.

    Questions will also be selected based upon originality, specificity and repetition. If a question is answered one stream, or has been answered in previous ones, it will not be picked for obvious reasons. However, should that question be asked again, but specifically relate to a reported development relating to that previous subject, it will be picked to help better update the community on behind the scenes progress. This will not be the case for every question asked, primarily to avoid the Q&A sessions devolving into months of debate on the same subjects, but it will be considered.

    Finally, each and every question will be equally considered and noted down. No one will be overlooked and no one will be immediately brushed aside. While those which pointless jokes or are obviously wasting the developer’s time will not be selected, they will still be read through and given fair consideration."


    I want to Keep all simple with some guideline:
    A-gathering question:
    1-a dedicated topic for the QeA session: simple and direct.

    2- cecking the social media: this is a little harder but some time nice qusti on can be find, or in some case some particular concern can emerge.

    3- Guild and fan site: this can help a lot, a single rappresentative that gather and filter question and post in the dedicate topic. this is usefull because we can gather question from other language fa site and guild.

    4-other language subforum: in this case is needed the help of the moderator of the Section ( in case there is no QeA rapprsentative of that language) a topic like the point 1 in each Section: question will be translatet and posted on 1.

    5- the topic need to be closed some day before (and a new one open) for organize the questions.

    B- organize questions:

    1- Hot topic: some question come before other. for example something that generate many topics on the forum( like the various xenos question) or some newly introduced feature.

    2- already answered argoument: some question have been answered many time, and in many case don't need urgent answers.

    3-argument not single question: questions will be gathered and organize in macro question an argoument all question will become a point of the macro argoument. this for avoid the dev to jump in different argoument so we can obtain a more complete and deep anwer.

    C- removed/ filtered question
    1-all FAQ level question
    2-already answered question
    3-question than never get an anwer
    4-no sense weapon
    5-other: other question will be placed at the bottom of the list

    Blodtorst Ulvsson

    Here are my plans, as a community's Q&A representive to manage the flow of questions of the community, it's quite simple:

    First, regroup a team of question gatherers

    Then, send one of them per section to look for interesting questions and showing them to the gatherers team to have a final look at it, and approve the question relevance.

    Meanwhile, create a thread on "question most asked you'd want answered", having my teammates posting the questions that seemed most popular and filtering them through the number of "likes" they receive from the community.

    The number of "likes" after a defined duration will set an order of priority

    After that, the questions will be selected by groups of 10 -15 based on priority as voted by the community, and sent by PM to our well-known Community Manager, being the holy link between us poor mortals and the allmighty Devs, holders of the Truth.

    We will then create a thread next to the first one, about "Answers from the Devs to the Community" and will be organized like a FAQ, listing posted questions and matching answers.

    Besides this, any communication between Katie and our team won't necessarily go through me, as the gatherers team will elect a "vice-representative" that will replace or support me to manage all this happy people whenever it feels needed.

    This way, I hope we will feed smartly our brave community members with well-deserved answers to those questions that flows out from their ebulliant minds. I think it is fair and quite easy to set up and manage as well.


    Hello everybody I am BikerTroll,
    Unlike my name may suggest I will take this 100% seriously and will not waste any time getting the assignments done. I am determined to be able to help the developers in any way i possible can. Like many of you I am very excited for this game to be finished and for it to turn out enjoyable for everyone to play. In order to get this game up and running in order to allow people into the Alpha the developers need to be able to work on the game as often as possible while they are answering the questions for us, the players.

    The goal of this role is to help developers answer the most relevant questions, or remove any questions that have been repeated multiple times. While I understand we cannot remove all of them I will try my best in order to get the majority of them that come up on the Forums. I will also try to create a good FAQ page in order to help new players get quickly informed and up to date on what the rest of the player-base knows. Even though I will play the Majority of the game as an Ork,I will not be biased towards any question and believe that really good questions that get to the point and questions that are very unique.

    I will also not allow the group of volunteers that will be assisting the me in giving the questions to the developers to not only pick the questions they choose from a small group of friends, or even themselves. All questions that I will hand over to the developers will be selected fairly from the player-base. I understand that me and everyone else will most likely have a lot of similar ideas and goals that we will aim to complete if we are elected. Thanks for reading this and no matter who wins in the end this job will be complete and I wish for the other people running good luck.
  2. Just a heads up Killbo is listed twice.

    Never mind you fixed it. Anyway the names I see here are all community members I've seen on the forums adding useful things to discussions so I think any of these guys would be right for the job. Best of luck to whoever gets it.
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  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Personally I say Grigdusher, because he delivers already quickly answers and seems to have easily an Overview about everything that is going on. A reason why I followed him on Twitter, learned new stuff conveniently and just alone by following him you stay pretty much up-to-date!

    Not to forget he is a friendly fellow.
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  4. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    no sense question (smarthphone autocorrection)
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  5. Ganelon Ganelon Well-Known Member

    This is stupid.
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  6. Goodbye

    Ok back to thread

    I would vote for Grig because he gets things done and knows whats the been going on recently, but he is eeer...often hard to understand (Yes I know he is italian). Other than that he has my vote
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  7. Hivespirit HiveSpirit Drill Abbott

    Ill vote for Killbo Fraggins and Blodtorst Ulvsson as vice representative.

    Tips to the elected:
    -The formal elected person should teamwork together with the other nominees, creating a colaborating group for this undertaking/ project. It would be foolish to let these fellas ideas and entusiasm go to waste, they each bring good stuff for your group.

    -Some one said before, answering some of the most hot topics on the forum would be interesting, maybe it wouldnt give use a 100% (might do aswell) answer but move the discussions forward or turn the devs attention to some quality/ topics with alot to come with. I think this is already half implemented, at one occasion atleast.
    Anyways, i think thats a great way to go with this and would give the community justice according to the choice of questions.
  8. ya i wish to have 2 votes
    djemo and grig are both helpful in their own ways....

    we should do some kind of deathmatch i think
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  9. That is something which has been discussed more than once to help cover as much as the forum as possible, and I do agree it is the best option for this role.
  10. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    So how long does the vote stay open for?
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