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Vote On Which Faction You'd Like To See Designed Next.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Torrential, Feb 5, 2015.


Vote on which faction you'd like to see added next, you can pick 2 preferences.

  1. Tau Empire

  2. Imperial Guard

  3. Dark Eldar

  4. Necrons

  5. Chaos Daemons

  6. Other: Please name, Sisters of Battle, Inquisition, Imperial Knights, Militarum Tempestus, Tyranids

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Guardian Guardian Preacher

    I'd like to see Necrons and Tau simply because they do offer some variety into the mix. The necrons themselves would certainly add some intrigue to the Eldar present as well.
  2. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    my only thinking that would be negative against new factions is the "all factions must be equal" concept as it applies to the "subfaction traits"

    in that the current factions will all have 5 subfactions with their own "traits" .... is it necassary for any new factions to also have the same number of subfactions and "traits"?

    some of the factions that could be added could easily be depicted with only a couple of subfactions,

    1) Dark Eldar ........ few of the Kabals/Wych cults are well known so even a single subfaction could work, though 2 might be better simply for an option

    2) Necron ....... again few of the Dynasties are well known and most would presumably share very similiar "traits" so Necron subfactions could be a primarily cosmetic thing (armour colour/armour-style acheotypes)

    3) SoB ....... while they have several Orders, using different Orders to differentiate class roles might be the best way to work it, so a single faction group could easily cover all bases (or similiar to Necrons the subfaction difference could be mostly cosmetic)

    4) IG ...... again like the SoB the use of subfaction/regiment might be better applied to differentiate class roles rather then filling all roles in each subfaction/regiment seperatly

    so .....

    we have planned for launch 4 factions = 20 subfactions/20 subfaction traits (these require 4 basic models with 20 theme variations),

    yet we could add the 4 factions listed above with as few as 4 subfactions/4 subfaction traits (requiring ~6 basic models with between 5 - 13 theme variations)


    I didnt add Tau since they arnt a favorite of mine, but I'm sure the extrapolation is easy enough for any who want to,

    (though Tau could be the most work with an easy 4 "caste" subfactions that may or may not be mostly cosmetic with as many as 5+ basic models alone for this single faction)

    EDIT +

    when I say "basic model" I'm referring to the "naked body" model for each race/gender ..

    so -

    LSM/CSM share the same basic model (male)
    Ork has 1 model (Ork)
    Eldar have 2 models (male/female)

    Dark Eldar would have 2 models (male/female)
    Necron would have 1 model (Necron)
    SoB would have 1 model (female)
    IG would have 2 models (male/female)

    Tau would have 5+ models (male/female/Kroot/Vespid/Stealth suit + battlesuits)

  3. While opinions and experience of the actual army itself is great, you didn't actually directly answer the question I posed :)

    What is the difference between the eldar and dark eldar in GAMEPLAY TERMS. In terms of mechanics, as much as I like the lore and loved playing the armies once upon a time, what makes them different, what is the point in adding them? Please note I voted for them to be added in the poll, being a fan of eldar in general.

    Orcs are supposed to be more numerous because of Free to Play and the most customizable for any fight, but generally have less armor than space marines at the expense of some speed and utility. They also don't cary psychers in their base units.

    Eldar have the highly specialised aspects, meaning they will play out differently as you can't just re-gear your banshee to go long range very effectively. They are also supposed to be a bit more squishy, but faster. They don't carry medics in their base units.

    Space Marines get a decent amount of customization, while having heavier armor and being slower than the other two factions above. They don't have any psychers in their base units.

    Chaos have the same kind of armor as space marines, and an equivalent customization but no medics in their base units (and I hope other noticable differences)

    I say supposed to, or I hope, as this is what I am hoping will occur, real difference between the factions, like the GW armies, not just the same thing 4 times with a different skin and paint job.

    If we were talking about other factions, Tau would of course be the best long range army, I hope in existence, but not have so much strength up close.
  4. Mngwa Mngwa Well-Known Member

    The difference of these two factions is barely nothing. Even all the weapons are the same with just a few exceptions (and even those only on special cases... bolters are bolters).

    That is my first point.

    In gameplay terms, it seems like your problem is "fast, hard hitting and frail = eldar = dark eldar" and it would mean them becoming the same kind of faction.
    The staying power of (craftworld) Eldar comes from their armour which is comparable to that of marines. The staying power of Dark Eldar comes from their physical strength, drugs and surgically enhanced bodies.
    That's a lot of difference to throw in for the game's mechanics in health, armour, the regeneration of the two, damage reduction as well as of course differing movement speeds.

    The weapons.
    How are splinter weapons different from shuriken weapons?
    In the confines of a 3rd person shooter, basically anything (except maybe that they are both shot at the enemy in means of killing them). Poison alone makes a huge difference.

    Wyches add in gladiatorial stuff (= fancy weapons, lots of different options on how to implement those), directional armour, combat drugs (consumable boosters during an engagement, for example), as well as the type of a fast hitting attack with jumping from raiders/venoms that not even other dark eldar could do (harlequins maybe could... if they also had open-topped skimmers).

    I'm not even going to touch much on Covens. Haemonculi are an ideal support hero, but not a psyker. Not a warlock or a farseer.
    Closest equivalent of wraithguard that DE have are grotesques. *cough* pain engines too *cough*

    Those are the rest of my points.

    This is without even bringing the topic of vehicles (except briefly with the wyches).
    Dark Eldar =/= Eldar
    Things Eldar bring to the game < Things Dark Eldar can add to the game

    EDIT: I almost forgot...

    Power from Pain. Another quite immense mechanic to be added, and unlike combat drugs or surgery and stuff, it applies to everything.
  5. I know alot of people like these but there like 4 others threads exactly like this one :p
  6. Hmm other people have different perceptions, I was just discussing something with someone else in the space marine traitor thread who said the exact opposite in response to a point I made.

    It'll be interesting to see how it works out.

    Thanks for the breakdown I have looked at collecting again recently, they sound an interesting army.

    I didn't see any polls though to provide feedback, apparently there is one I can't see in the founders section but this is for everyone else.
  7. Im ready for some tau, yo!
  8. As an Imperial Guardsman I would have to say the Imperial Guard, or I will have a very little part to play in the coming crusade. In fact, they might even just send me to Yavin 5 for "clean-up" detail. Help?
  9. Tau, as I think they'd add the most to the game and their class choices are clear and require no special considerations.

    Then daemons for pure faction favortism.

    FYI, black holes are sheer gravity, so it would crush em into a single amorphous molecule.
  10. Nope not true. If one were to enter a black hole head on, it would stretch the first part the entered. Sorry but you are dead wrong on that

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