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Vote On The Ec Livestream Name!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Jul 24, 2014.


What Should We Name our Weekly Stream?

  1. Chronicles of Arkhona

    93 vote(s)
  2. Into the Warp

    165 vote(s)
  3. Eternal Crusade: Live

    47 vote(s)
  4. Inside the Hivemind

    68 vote(s)
  5. Destination Arkhona

    52 vote(s)
  6. Codex Arkhonum

    103 vote(s)
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  1. Benedict Benedict Preacher

    had to go with into the warp because the other suggestions sound a bit pants to me
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  2. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    Into the Warp all the way. Sounds logical, since we are just entering the Warp en route to Arkhona.
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  3. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    There can no chronicles as of yet, we are still traveling to the planet. And I guess it is already confirmed that the game will be out for next-gen consoles.
    From the FAQ.
  4. well as you can read yourself there
    it is NOT confirmed!

    microsoft and sony need to agree to let their costumers play on the same server
    if they dont... then EC will be PC only or maybe one of them will get it aswell
  5. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    Well yeah, my mistake, I wrote the original post before I checked the FAQ. But still, they intend to do it, so there are good chances that they will.
  6. I still think that bE shouldnt bother with 'next gen'.
    For me, it just looks like a lot of hassle for something no one really will care about, just extra server work, less effort on the pc side, etc.
    If they just stick with pc all out, they can use the advantages instead of worrying about the 'next gen' consoles, extra keys, better optimization, only have to focus on a single server base, with less maintenance needed, that sort of thing.
    I'm no expert at these things, but this is just how I see it, if you look at games like, The Witcher and Crysis, they were pc focused, and they are brilliant.
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  7. I agree, let the consoles do their own thing, dont let EC's glorious purity be ruined by Microsoft/Sony/Micro-Sony's greedy and sweaty hands.

    I hate to be that "PC elitist" guy but...

    actually nvm I love being that guy. BECAUSE ITS TRUE!
  8. cant work guys
    GW want EC to be canon
    how can it be canon when we have 3 different outcomes of a campaign?
  9. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    The Xbones can have their campaign in the universe of Titus from space marine...while the current universe of warhammer 40k can be pc....and ps4 i guess....ps4 are alright with cross platform...
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  10. Strayed Strayed Well-Known Member

    Why not Heresy Weekly?
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