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Visa Gift Card Not Accepted?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Ulysses, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Ulysses Ulysses Member

    I bought a Visa gift card just to ensure that I had the money to buy a founders pack, and I even called the number on the back to confirm my $50, but it says it is declined. =\
  2. Xicor Xicor Ordinate

    yea, they are looking for a registered card. just add your gift card to paypal and pay the extra 3%... this is what i had to do
  3. Ulysses Ulysses Member

    I registered it online. I tried to go on Paypal, but they just wanted a green dot?
  4. Xicor Xicor Ordinate

    there is a button that says something like 'did you know paypal now accepts visa gift cards?' you press that and put in the information. then you can select it from the credit card drop down.
  5. Ulysses Ulysses Member

    Ah, it's found in the Paypal checkout. Also the debit card section is also for prepaid cards. Thank you much, Xicor.

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