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Vigilia Mortis 18+ / Light Rp / Space Marine / Pc

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Valrak, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior


    Humanity has always looked skyward for its true path; we saw to civilize the heavens but were destined to succumb to the weakness of our wills. We stood at the edge of destruction and would have fallen, if not for the might of the God Emperor and his Angels of Death. However century after century, the enemies of man grow ever so strong and Humanity is in dire need of defenders. On this day we will rise and stand united, on this day we will answer the call, for we are Vigilia Mortis, we are Battle Brothers!

    Founded on 01.06.2011 Vigilia Mortis is an adult-fan-based Chapter made up of Warhammer and PC gaming fans. Whiting our community you will find gamers, hobbyists, readers, writers or simply fans all bonded by their love for the 41st millennium. We're a Chapter inspired by the principals of Deathwatch, we have our own lore that creates an environment for all Chapters to join and purge the enemies of the Imperium. We seek to honour the God Emperor by facing every challenge whoever the enemy or the battlefield.

    Vigilia Mortis was founded with the upcoming Dark Millennium Online in mind but it was soon cancelled as the studio that developed the game went out of business. Now we’re preparing out next great adventure into the tides of war with the upcoming 40k MMORPG: ETERNAL CRUSADE. Our mission in this game is to become the dominate force on our server and beat back any foe that dare raise it weapons to the Imperium, with force and righteousness we shall prevail in the Emperors name.

    In our Chapter you will find people playing all sorts of 40K games (Space Marine, Dawn of War series) you will meet role-players, readers, writers and fluff debaters (for some epic lore jousts!); tabletop players (discussing army lists, rules or painting techniques; showing their work...); all of that with great comradeship and awful jokes over our voice comms! We have a fully active site and forums for members to post anything, and allow us to set up events where everyone can have a good time and bond. For a more "interactive” gaming and non-gaming experience we use our voice communication server; so even if you are not in the mood for a game, you can just stay a while and chat.

    The Chapter is split into two battle companies; these companies are split via time zone. In 1st Company you will find people from around Europe, 2nd Company is based off the Americas time zone. We do this so we can have efficient events and gather as many members online as possible. We have an amazing rank structure within the Chapter; it’s simple but very effective. We have everything from Chaplains to Scouts to make sure our force is flexible and strong when we meet our foe.

    When Vigilia Mortis was founded we wanted to create a Chapter which was our own, something we could create our own lore and attract members who wanted to play as their favourite legion, we discussed about going down the Deathwatch route but decided it wouldn't be in our best interests because we wanted to set ourselves up as a Chapter and implement a Chapter ranking structure so members who dedicate themselves can progressive and make themselves known. We decided to come up with an idea based off Deathwatch, a Chapter that takes in members from other Chapters, think of as the early stages of the Grey Knight order when they explored the galaxy to gather the best Astartes for their cause. We have that same idea but set in the current 41st time line.

    Joining Vigilia Mortis means becoming a battle brother, OUR battle brother; it means proclaiming your passion for the grim dark future in whatever means/activities you enjoy, and sharing it with your brothers! Upon joining us you will choose a chapter to represent you and will be given a rank that will evolve rapidly if your commitment is true. We are advancing all together to build something the Emperor himself would be proud of! The only question left is: will you be part of it?

    Still have some questions? Read our GUILD FAQ
  2. Zeno Zeno New Member

    Join us fellow astartes, in our fight against the many enemies of the Imperium. Join us, and you'll get a night you'll never forget once you've finished your duties as a scout.

    But in all seriousness, have been with the chapter since it's early beginnings, never looked back.
  3. Come on val whats with the lack of Space Wolves Banner or has you turned from the Russ!

    anyways, come join us, we are awesome that is all.
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  4. Brother-Astartes, come join a great group of guys and fellow 40K fanatics. More than most other clans/guilds you'll find, VM brings organization and great leadership to the table - up to and including company (squad) level units with set members and all tiers of leadership. I fully expect us to be one of the "point" Strike Forces in EC when it goes live, and VM is certain to give the Space Marines a leg up early on and throughout the life of the game. But more than that, there is real friendship and brotherhood here. I've already met people that I would count as good friends, with whom I am engaging in 40K-related group writing projects and Table Top RPGS (like Dark Heresy and Only War).

    If you are loyal to the Emperor and looking for a place to call home - come check us out.
  5. Khanistrello Forum Beta Tester

    Come join us purge the Xeno and Heretic alike for the glorious emperor!!!
  6. Zeimaster Zeimaster Subordinate

    Loyalist lapdogs Chaos will annihalte you in this system once and for all
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  7. Khanistrello Forum Beta Tester

    Look forward to seeing you at the end of my blade heretic scum ;)
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  8. Zeimaster Zeimaster Subordinate

    See you on mine too Lapdog
    its so lovely to have a hate relationship with lapdogs of a dead Emperor
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  9. I shall look for you upon the battlefield, traitor.
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  10. I look forward to fighting alongside my Battle-brothers among the Vigilia Mortis!
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