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Very Dissapointed Tyranids Will Be Npc, They Were My Choice :(

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FAZ, Oct 28, 2013.


Should the creators change Tyranids from NPC to a playable army

  1. YES! of course!

  2. No

  1. Kalvix Member

    As much as I would love to play as a necron or tyranid it would be incredibly hard to make them work and most likely quite lore breaking as well.

    As people have said the tyranids swarm so you'd need to play a tyrant, and even then I think they get orders from the swarm, and of course for RP purposes they wouldn't be able to say anything so it would be quite boring to RP them.

    Necrons again they are mindless robots for the most part only the leaders perhaps having remained alive enough to not forgot who they are so again you'd end up having tons of leaders or else necron soldiers acting like individuals which would be weird. Though I GUESS some necrons could act sort of normal as they seem to lose their memory after dying a ton of times so a newly awakened world filled with necrons that hadn't died much could have more normal ones.. but thats normal for the necrontyr and I'm not sure if after 60 million years of sleep they would be sane. People who know more of necron lore would need to input more on this

    Hmm reading up on necrons and they could be sort of interesting as it seems their silent king is heading back to awaken the tomb worlds to unite against the tyranids, tyranids though would be best as npc race though still.
  2. Tartanclad Tartanclad Subordinate

    I checked neither as my answer is 'Not yet'. I'm sure there'll be some way to incorporate some playability as the Tyranids, but it'll require a lot of work and brainstorming. Let the game be finished as they intend first and then they can theories over the possibilities as they improve the game over time.
  3. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    Someone has to get the NPC title, but then we ask our self who? the nids or necron are fairly good choices for the game but heck maybe orks? i like to play nids from time to time, they have a certain fun aspect, but yea it is as it is, just got to bite down and realize this is how its got to be, someone is getting the AI treatment and then it might as well be the lesser evil of all.
  4. Kaazid GarySharp Well-Known Member

    Maybe 'Nid fans will get lucky and there will be an old style Genestealer cult release in the future.
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  5. larrence larrs Curator

    I feel the best armies for npcs are orks and tyranids but tyranids just a make more sense as an ai controlled race. Even though I love the orks. WAAAAAAAGH!!!!!
  6. Alby Alby Subordinate

    DLC where you get to fight on Jungle planets with 2 new races Catachans and Tyranids

  7. Orks at least have free will and can be effective on their own, Tyranids? Not so much, they need the swam.
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