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Very Dissapointed Tyranids Will Be Npc, They Were My Choice :(

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FAZ, Oct 28, 2013.


Should the creators change Tyranids from NPC to a playable army

  1. YES! of course!

  2. No

  1. FAZ New Member

    Only reason i wanted to play, sucks if you can't go you're army of choice, no fun playing with an army you're not really interested about

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  2. No, I don't think that would work at all, and would just dilute the players even further. I think its great they are a NPC race. Only as NPC's would there ever be enough Nids to really show what they are like in 40K, their sheer swarming nature
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  3. God no, Nids are far too hard to do as a playable race.
  4. Fireeye Fireeye Well-Known Member

    Much like with the Necrons (or at least Oldcrons), playing a Tyranid doesn't really work with the player having a free will, given that they all are controlled (or at very least driven) by the Swarm.
  5. FAZ New Member

    Considering they have a swarm collective mind, with a few leader characters within you could control particular swarm directions and attacks at the very least
  6. Anshar Anshar Master

    Devs should play them RTS style against players.
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  7. Too hard to do and how do you decide who gets to be who?
  8. Yep, we know this is going to be disappointing to some people. So... FAZ.... I'm sorry, man.

    Nids were my first tabletop race, so I'm a little bummed they're not playable too.

    We're trying to make up for it by making them a ton of fun to play against! Any 'nid fan should be fighting these guys and wiping away a tear, sniffling, while saying "that's my army!"
  9. Bjarnulf Snorrison New Member

    I'll have to say no... Even if I love the nids, you can't play them... The only fact that in this game we can choose what we do make it impossible since only the biggest and strongest (not counting stealers) have some free will... And those guys can destroy space marine.

    I just hope that they will be hard to fight against, I want to see the strengh of the nids.
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  10. FAZ New Member

    I see, well I'm quite new to the Warhammer world, so am i right in thinking your saying the reason they can't be playable is because they have no tactical view or independent thinking? They simply act in a swarm mentality, one following the other and so on?

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