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Vehicle Repair Classes?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thesyndrome, Apr 20, 2017.


Should the game have armour support units?

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  1. thesyndrome New Member

    Does anyone else find it odd that there are no techmarines/mekboys etc? it seems like a natural choice with vehicles in the game, and they could even off something akin to the role of a medic, but for armour, so not just fixing vehicle armour, but also unit armour (even if it's in the form of an AOE grenade that reduces recharge time of shields, similar to the medicae grenade)

    it can be frustrating when someone throws away a good APC and there is little you can do to save it except drive it away pray that it recovers enough HP over time before someone decides to bring a rokkit or krak grenade
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  2. We're still working on making sure the current classes even work.

  3. Davoodoo Recruit

    For techmarine it wouldnt be any hard, throw apothecary, take away vials and narthecium, add knife/spanner and repair item and youre done.

    mekboy would be a bit different as whats the point of having mekboy without experimental weapons.

    chaos would just use warpsmiths, basically a wolf priest for vehicles

    problem are bonesingers.
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  4. Avlaen Avlaen Arkhona Vanguard

    we have enough balance problems as it is.
  5. In the beginning...there were vehicle repair kits.

    And it was good.

    And the vehicles did go forth and multiply and get multi kills.

    Then one day, they were gone.

    And the age of the Melta Bomb began.

    And the Vehicles did weep.
  6. Viktor Aramorae TheWarpsmith Well-Known Member

    What do you think?
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  7. Is this canon or the EU?
  8. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    I'm so surprised the repair classes didn't come in during alpha. They were absolutely minimal development work for a whole new class and much more gameplay depth.

    Back in Alpha they had the opportunity to do what they did with sorcerer; start with a basic visual appearance. A tech marine and warp smith could have just been basic chaos guys with some special backpack. It would only require the backpack model, then any fancy armor could come in later.

    What's even more amusing is that repair kits used to exist. They were available to tactical marines and traitors and worked almost exactly like med kits do now... you just stood in front of the vehicle and held the consumable hotkey. At the end of a brief channeling bar, the vehicle would gain a little chunk of health.

    Tech Marines and Warp Smiths

    It was removed for whatever reason, but that functionality was already in the game and could have easily been put on a tech marine. It could easily be like sorcerer and warlock healing but without the ability to move around while you repair. To balance it, it could simply use either ammo or the overheat mechanic.


    Mekboys would be the same deal as tech marines and warp smiths... just stand next to the vehicle and channel a repair... maybe with some derpy "bashing" animation to show the Ork smashing the vehicle into good-health.


    Right now, bone singers would be the absolute easiest... just use the warlock channel animation and have a beam spell just like renewer that targets and repairs vehicles. These would obviously use warp charge or some form of psychic resource (I'm not entirely sure about the lore explanation for bonesinging).


    Balance-wise I imagine these repair abilities would be very slow to start with... since we get enough problems with Eldar roadkill as it is. I also imagine them being unable to stack, so more repair classes would only reduce the chance that a vehicle goes without repair rather than increasing the repair rate. Non-melta (because Mbombs are already overpowered as fuck) AV options could easily be buffed in order to balance the presence of repair classes.

    It actually somewhat irritates me that these classes have not been included in the basic lineup. Vehicle repair is quite an important angle on games like these, and would add an enormous amount of extra gameplay depth. The actualy development effort is quite minimal compared to some of the other things they are doing (like creating terminators, meganobz and warithguard with entirely new models and animation sets).
  9. Davoodoo Recruit

    Problem with bonesingers is their fighting capability, in fluff they use no weapons and they dont fight.

    As for rest, use vial mechanics from apo, simply give it longer application time, they dont even need to repair to 100%.
  10. Arbitrary Dwarf ArbitraryDwarf Steam Early Access

    You guys have trouble getting your rhino drivers to either stay with the vehicle to protect it, or at least try to park it in a safe spot as it is, asking your kill chasing lemmings to do something useful like heal up your almost dead predator is never going to happen.

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