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User Interface and the user experience

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Vlordak_The_Mighty, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Christine Vlordak_The_Mighty Former Lead UI Designer

    oo good eye! thanks for spotting that. I'll pass it on to the team. :)
  2. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Heya Christine, was there any progress done for buffs (both those from banners and those from abilities)?

    I recall you liked the idea i presented quite awhile ago, but it never got implemented.
  3. Cool Fez CoolFez Steam Early Access

    Please Fix the stupidly gpu intensive hub menu
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  4. Anselmus Recruit

    Great ! Thx for your reactivity.
  5. Aye 100% GPU usage with frame rate drops in the menus is kinda a red flag
  6. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    If you can give a method for adjusting chat text size that would be great.
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  7. I run 2560 x 1440 resolution(in game) on my 34" wide screen and I can barely read the chat in game. I have my UI scale maxed and chat is still too small.

    I'd really like to see separate settings for UI scale and chat/text size. My UI scale is fine, I dont want it larger. What I do want is chat to be much larger.
  8. [VI] Zeus zZeus Steam Early Access

    Hello beautiful UI dev people,

    I was wondering: have you shared the raw assets of the custom banners somewhere around here? I know the banners were shown on a twitch stream one time and that's about it.

    If it hasn't been done, could you upload all the custom banners for us to use? The VlkaFenryka will do an event against StrikeForceUltra on the garrison, a melee match basically. I ended up using the banners each of us made for an announcement post and while it looks acceptable to me, our banner is flat colors and theirs have shadows and shine details.


    If I had the custom banners readily available, it would've looked more uniform.
    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Been 1 week since this post. Is the UI team alright? I know morse code, tap SOS and I'll call the Canadian moose police

    EDIT2: Been 3 weeks since my post...UI team is MIA still, were they ganked by a swarm of Swooping Hawks? Worse, were they ganked by a single Necrotic Chainsword-wielding Raptor?

    EDIT3: (Been 3 months) In memoriam of the UI/UX team. I remember them fondly, cheerful responses whenever inquiried. May the Allfather protect them, until the Wolftime.

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