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User Interface and the user experience

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Vlordak_The_Mighty, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Christine Vlordak_The_Mighty Former Lead UI Designer


    With all of the new features coming in, and the revamping of old ones, it's is finally time to create a thread where the UI team can answer any questions / concerns / comments you might have on the evolution of the UI in Eternal Crusade.

    First a little background:
    I have a background in Graphic Design and have been working as a User Interface Designer for about 9 years. I've worked on all types of games and consoles, ranging from handheld, to console, to PC.
    I joined the Eternal Crusade team as Lead UI Designer in October 2015 and have been slaying with glee ever since.
    The UI team is a group of two artists (myself and my colleague Xavier), as well as three UI programmers.

    So post all your stuffs here, and I will do my best to get the answers you need, so you can get back to more important things, like glorious destruction.

    I do read other threads as well, so don't hesitate to tag me elsewhere.
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  2. Hi Christine,

    Glad to see we will finally get some serious UI discussions going.

    Can you shed any light on the often asked question about the squad UI layout and what kind of overhaul we can expect to see on it?

    Ideally I think the general consensus on the matter is that the current squad UI doesn't give us enough information. I think people are clamoring for information like:

    - Visible Rhino status with the squad UI so you can see its health even once you have all disembarked

    - Instead of just the class icon or the skull for death icon, people would also like to see who is in the downed state, who is requesting health or ammo and who is requesting backup within their squad.

    - Is it possible to also have a squad Predator show up on the map in the same blue as a squad Rhino? I realise we can't spawn on a Predator but looking at the map and knowing that a particular tank in the field is owned by a squad member would be a nice addition.
  3. Jovan Jova Cipher

    Thanks for starting this thread!

    What is the ultimate goal with the UI for the redeployment screen?

    Will we be able to see/utilize more information in the future?

    Sometimes the text on the redeployment screen blocks access to some points and vehicles.
  4. I am amazed I forgot this in my original post, but please can we get an update on getting a compass on the mini-map?

    I cannot stress enough how many times this issue has been raised by various people across a number of different threads, and I personally have tried to raise the issue in various Live Streams.

    We either need a compass for when the mini-map rotates with us as we turn so we can keep our bearing, or simply don't rotate the mini-map at all so that up will always be North.
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  5. Valaron Valaron Arkhona Vanguard

    Oh, very nice to see such topic to appear! :)

    Well, can you write whats hiding behind the "UI" tag? :) 1. Loadouts 2. World map. 3. In-game map and all in-game ui. Anything else under it?
  6. Christine Vlordak_The_Mighty Former Lead UI Designer

    Not sure about the Rhino status.. its an interesting idea..

    We track the direction of your squadmates in the trackers that hug the edges of the screen.. we could add the player need icons there as well as on the map.. Not sure if we'll add the downed state in the group panel however, since most people will tend to speed it along so they can get to the respawn screen sooner.

    Squad predator is planned, once private squads come in those will probably come it too.
  7. Christine Vlordak_The_Mighty Former Lead UI Designer

    Redeploy screen is getting an overhaul.
    I am in the middle of changing all the current maps so that they are full screen (rather than off to the side to accommodate the menu).
    We are also planning to add the match panel to the deployment screen (so that you know if a capture point is getting turned)
    We are also adding vehicle spawn so that instead of having to pick a spawn point, then run over to a vehicle station, you can just spawn directly in a vehicle.
    We also want to add indicators for where your squadmates are planning to respawn (to help with coordination).
    Eventually we'll have zoom/panning as well.

    The text blocking redeployment selection is an annoying bug, and once I've had a chance to replace the current maps with full screen maps, should no longer be a problem.
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  8. Jovan Jova Cipher

    Wonderful, thanks for the reply. :D
  9. Christine Vlordak_The_Mighty Former Lead UI Designer

    totally want this as well.
    Its task #10171 planned for next sprint (so sometime in the next month)... totally at the mercy of higher priority tasks too... so hopefully I can prevent it from getting bumped (again), but I can't promise anything :p
  10. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    I know its kinda an old question, but im interested in the status of it.

    How the UI for showing DoTs progressing? Its kinda annoying to use the Stream of Corruption, not only due to how spells are currently broken with hit detection and other bugs, but also cause i cannot see how much poison i have applied, ergo i dunno if i should poison someone more or less. The bigger ooze that pops up is kind of a giveaway, but that doesent start till its literally almost a full bar of poison on the guy.

    If we cant get the amount of poison on a guy, at least some sort of a UI que that we have actually tethered our spell on them and its not just a failed cast.
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