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Uriel1339's Deathwatch Joining & Character Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    As per 23rd February 2015:

    Current Slots:
    4 taken
    1 available

    Current available Classes:

    Rules (please read before joining!):
    First of all:

    I will put a cap on 5 players in order to have a handful but active people and so that we don't end up waiting on one another all the time.

    No fanon chapters.
    If there are chapters mentioned in lore like the Sons of Guilliman or the Black Crusaders or Warrior Adepts or Tarantulas, that is enough. Just have background of the chapter ready, because I take this stuff serious.

    . They are meant to be super rare, I will keep it that way. Certain sources LITERALLY state that a Watch Captain rarely sees more than one in his entire lifetime.

    EVERY mission gives rewards but there are pre-made reward trees from which you will progress (stat & item wise). There is still a lot of freedom of the upgrades and abilities.

    Special Abilities
    like Deran introduced will be around too, but they are only usable once per mission and will recharge after mission.

    There will be time jumps between missions plus summaries what happened in the meanwhile to make the Deathwatch Team have more serving time

    The Deathwatch Team will be made out of Sergeant or equivalent characters only. This means your characters even from mission #1 on have a lot of experience on their back.

    The available classes are split into 2 categories. 'Basic' which are the main killy killy units and 'Specialists' which are less effective at killing but MAY allow special things to occur during missions and aid in unique ways. This will require all players to cooperate accordingly to their strengths. Also there will be only 1 player per class. This means no 3 tacticals and 2 assaults or so.

    The classes are:


    If you join, make sure you can regularly post. I know there are many other RPs and you are participating in many. Please, consider joining ONLY if you have time to post at least once a day. Besides amount of posting, I also expect some degree of consistent quality.

    The purpose of this Deathwatch Kill-Team is to be an Elite Alien Destruction Team. There won't be much research of hidden stuff, etc. Also it will focus MORE (not exclusively, but more) on unknown aliens that may be a danger to the Imperium. This means you will most likely fight (and perhaps ally; at least temporarily) with species that have been not encountered yet. Rather than fight the usual Orks, Eldar, etc. Though you can expect to meet these too, but simply less.

    No Heretics.
    We will go full anti-alien force here. Daemons might play a role, but no Renegade or Heretic Marines.

    Any Questions?

    Oh yeah. Start is predicted Sunday, latest Tuesday. (Depending on how soon I get the reward trees done, though the item-reward tree is as good as done and the Stat-Tree will be faster anyway)

    NO DARN PVP. Your guys are all veterans and experienced. I expect them to be so veterancy that even a Raven Guard and White Scar are capable of getting a mission together done. They may not exchange a darn single word, but they ain't hit one another. Neither would they provoke one another without a GOOD reason.

    This is the only other RP I will GM besides feudal world. I have set a personal limit of four RPs: 2 to GM, 2 to be part of as player.


    Also since it was inquired already regards Requisition:

    Before each deployment every player gets Points that can be spent in the armory. Players can pool their points together to get a bigger item for someone else.

    if you go full ego or teamwork is on your own. But it also can help to make leftover points useful. But also it may be useful to get better vehicles or vehicle upgrades. I.E. instead of a Rhino you may upgrade to a Razorback (better armor, etc.) or instead of each only getting a bike, you may get a tank instead or so. It all depends mission to mission.

    I am quite inspired here by the Deathwatch PnP book because I like it. So whatever you unlock in the trees is your Standard gear which requires no additional cost for you. So just because you are a Devastator who took the Heavy Flamer as standard weapon doesn't mean you are never ever able to claim a Las Cannon yours.

    There is no fixed price or available points, because that can vary strongly due to availability. Imagine you get to a barely supplied Deathwatch Station because primary use is research. Then you might have less points and/or certain weapons may cost more.

    So just because a Las Cannon cost 10 points in the first mission, doesn't mean it's going to cost 10 points again in the next mission ;)

    Important Links:
    Character Overview (Google Drive link)
    Item Reward Tree (Google Drive link)
    Stat Reward Tree (Google Drive link)
    RP Start (Forum Link)

    Except your grammar and common sense improved a lot, yes. And given that you wrote 'I still banned' rather than 'Am I still banned' I take that this did not occur.

    As per rule #10
  2. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Well thats a no so give me a few hours and we be g2g
  3. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    How do I start btw
  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    You don't. Because your grammar is still horrible. But if you want to convince me otherwise, check your pms in a short while. Though in all honesty, your quality is just not high enough of what I would like to have. RPs with low player volumes usually intend to have quality > quantity.
  5. kanila kanila Subordinate

    Still an opening? I'm thinking about it if there is one.
  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Too bad not, Mando claimed it.
  7. kanila kanila Subordinate

    It's all good!
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