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Urian Velos, Son Of Calth

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Uriel1339, Oct 18, 2013.

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    Off-Topic: My username here is Uriel1339 as I use it standard, but in-game I will (hopefully) be able to go with "Urian Velos", a fictional character I created myself during some RP in Exterminatus, a Wh40k mod for the Source Engine

    PS: stuff below contains some spoilers from the Ultramarines Novels so if you don't like that stuff.... better don't read on :)


    My name is Urian Velos, proud member of the 4th company of the Ultramarines, having served under Captain Ideaus and his successor, Uriel Ventris later since the attack of Hive Fleet Leviathan on Tarsis Ultra. It was a harsh fight and many battle-brothers were lost, but that campaign also showed me what it was about. What it was about to be not just a Space Marine, not just a servant of the God Emperor and the Codex Astartes. But what it meant to be an Ultramarine!

    It was unfair of Captain Ventris to go into battle as a member of the Deathwatch, rather than our Leader. But his Seargent Learchus led us succesful into battle. The campaign against the Tau without Captain Ventris was hard, but Learchus was a good replacement, though it felt weird in my warrior's heart to be without a Captain and without his other seargent, Pasanius, the giant of the company and the most loyal Seargent I have ever seen.

    That is what made the return of Uriel Ventris and Pasanius even greater, but there was a bit confusion within the company on our first assignment as Learchus sure was not ready to give the leadership back to his Captain, HE wanted to be the captain. Many of the new comrades were not just recruited but also trained under Learchus, which shared his pain. But not I, I understood the importance of the Chain of Command and I was glad that it had been restored under one of the greatest leaders. I remember Idaeus' motivations, tactics, fighting spirit and I saw it burning in the heart of his very successor.

    The fight was hard and undeniable a very difficult one, with a high risk but well planned operation Seargent Learchus was able to force the Tau to a retreat due to the great plan Captain Ventris has laid out.

    But this fight was only a test for the 4th Company and a taste for what had still to come...

    The Iron Warriors, Chaos tainted humans and led by Warsmith Honsou. They were horrible and heartless foes! They destroyed Tarsis Ultra, hired Corsairs and summoned demons upon us! It took the united 10 Companies of Ultramar to defend our homeworlds.

    I was along with my Battle Brothers when we were to defend Calth, my and Uriel Ventris' homeworld. Despite all odds against us we fought as hard as we could and through the Courage and Honor our captain radiated and surviving a critical wound we knew we could not let him down just like he was not able to give up for his homeworld, for his chapter, for his company!

    In the end we survived... But many battle-brothers were lost, more than I ever have seen with my own eyes. But I know there will be more in future to sacrifice, more loyal servants will die, but even more enemies will fall before!

    I will not give up, I will not surrender, I will not accept defeat or death, I will serve in the name of the god emperor, the father of Ultramarines, the chapter master, my captain, my homeworld and most importantly in my own name as long as I am able to fight!
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  3. More Dakka New Member

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  4. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Welcome Brother-Devestator, I am Tech-Captain Drakka of Bloodmoon Hunters 2nd Company. Let destroy the plague upon this planet.
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  5. Inquisitor Soviatus Soviatus Arkhona Vanguard

    Welcome brother Ultramarine. The Inquisition stands with you.
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    Thank you fellow Battle-Brothers! May we unleash the rage of the Emperor against our Foes!
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    Indeed his wrath will be known to these unworthy heretics and xenos. Leave none standing!
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    As the Inquisition commands, Lord-Brother Soviatus! (ps: in case you don't recognize, it's me Uriel1339 I asked to let my username being changed ^^)
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    Welcome (again) Brother.
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    Thank you battle-brother Xavier, ironically enough despite my name change this was my first introduction thread as you will find nothing with "Uriel1339" ;) I also left the 1st post untouched so you can read that it was still from the time my username was "Uriel1339" I simply posted the link to my own RP to bring this more into the recent posts in hope that others may see the character creation and hopefully do something similar as I am very fond of RP, especially Warhammer 40k related.

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