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Updated Dire Avenger Loadouts

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Argannon, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Argannon Argannon Recruit

    Hello there. I was wondering if anyone had some good DA loadouts updated for the recent patch. I was playing with some loadouts from last year and at rank 4 for a while, but I recently hit rank 5 and am looking to optimize.

    Currently I am running this:

    Avenger Catapult

    Advanced DA armor

    Argent Emblem

    Flexile Aspect Symbol

    Wraithbone Curio

    Healing Pot

    I also have a TLC loadout, but I find that I have to give up too much LP to use it and prefer having more armor and utility. If anyone has had any success running the bigger gun I'd like to see what they run with.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated, cheers!
  2. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    I have two builds that work pretty ok current patch

    Short to Medium range build

    • Avenger shuriken catapult
    • 3.2x Scope
    • Impulse generator
    • Textured grip
    • Starshard ammo
    • Advanced armour
    • Invigorating aspect symbol
    • Isha tear major and minor
    • consumable pack of your choice
    • Plasma grenade
    • Base shuriken pistol
    • Base combat knife
    • Unsleeping eye banner

    I find this builds works rather nice overall and allows you to be a pain at medium range

    Full CQC
    • Twin linked avenger shuriken catapult
    • Textured or stabilizing grip
    • Advanced armour
    • Greater tear
    • Isha tear major and minor
    • Wraithbone curio minor
    • Health pack
    • Base shuriken pistol
    • Master crafted combat knife
    • Unsleeping eye banner
    Seems to work very nicely in cqc especially against Orks, the main advantage of the TLASC is the fact that you have more rounds, this means I never even have to consider an ammo pack over a health pack in a build

    In a build I personally like to never spec into armour or armour regen in the wargear slot unless it's a vet, it's because Eldar armour ratings suck balls compared to everyone else even on our vets and health is far more cost efficient in a build, for example if I take 30 health over 30 armour I can invest in another 6 health with the spare lp via Isha tears, pretty good considering armour gives me nothing if I'm already dead
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  3. @Argannon
    1) Twin for close combats. Strafes with ADAD spam without aiming in real close - right in front of enemy face, spoil it with shurikens.
    Main things
    • heavy barrel + stabilization grip
    • gold armor
    • armor trinket - it may let you ignore one more hit

    2) Armor regen build with standart ASC. Pure hit and run. Cover is your friend. Waiting till armor regen reduced to ~2,35 sec instead of basic 6
    • fast reload mag - one ofthe best mods i think, its VERY helpfull if you need to change a clip when seeing the enemy that is rushing you
    • textured grip for extra accuracy
    • horisontal recoil reduce
    3) Same about armor and regen, but with another mods for ASC that fits better against orks and nurgle marines
    • impulse accelerator - not really increase DPS but each 2 damage per shot in magazine let you increase your damage output of a clip
    • penetration mode - ignoring a little amount of toughness
    • textured grip
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  4. I've never really done well with Eldar outside of Dark Reaper before, struggled a bit with the glass cannon nature. Gave some of these a shot minus the mods I was missing. I had a lot of fun on Dire Avenger and it helped me look again at my Eldar loadouts and see I was building them like I was playing Marines instead of embracing the hit and run. I'm definitely not dreading the Eldar campaign as much anymore, and want to offer sincere thanks for the advice here.
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  5. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    Follow taliss/faeruin advice. He started me on the DA path months ago and it's paid off a lot. I usually don't get like 40 kills (although I did get 42 last night) I average 20 something or so. His loadouts are great! Try to get into a game with him and watch him play. It's better that playing against him....that's a nightmare.
  6. Orfeask Orfeask Steam Early Access

    This is the loadout i ussually use 20170611141317_1.jpg
    for the ASC:
    - less horizontial recoil
    -textured grip
    -fast reload magazine
    the rest:
    +30 armor
    -advanced DA armor
    -2 plasma nades(90% you fight lsm and a lot of shieldbros and taking out unaware targets)
  7. Auzor Auzor Menial

    In the case of Chaos/LSM armor, they get their stats at a discount in combined items.

    Artificer Power Armor:
    +20 armor, -0.5 armor regen delay, +20 toughness, for 250 LP.
    Dire Avenger armor: unlocks for DA only, +20 armor, -1s armor regen delay, +20 toughness. 300 LP.
    One one hand, +20 armor is relatively more for eldar, so more valuable. On the other, toughness is a multiplier; having a higher Health pool + toughness = bigger increase in health. Bottom line: eldar pay 50 LP for -0.5 seconds of armor regen delay. A terrible point cost; 60 LP is 15% armor regen delay, close to 1 second.

    On my space marine then, I can bring:
    Bolter, 1x 50 LP attachment of choice (bigger mag normally.. you could take box mag & scope),
    artificer armor, 250 LP
    overcharge generator for +50 armor (350 LP)

    a health pack 50 lp
    and a grenade 50 lp.

    On DA, this is not possible.

    Chaos: Nurgle for the health & toughness, wargear 2 of choice; something; a health pack and 2 frag grenades..

    The above just to say:
    Eldar are kind of screwed/ripped off on the wargear department. The combo's I'd want to make are not possible.
    IMO, each eldar class could really use a cheaper advanced armor option. To fit the eldar, I'd probably ditch the toughness; 20 toughness is 100 LP; an Eldar DA armor of +20 armor, -1s armor regen delay for 200 LP would definitely interest me as an alternative; and offer combinations, including with the double shuricen catapult. Same for other classes.
    Just an example would be:
    DA, 1x 50 LP attachment for the basic catapult, the above not-so advanced armor 200 LP, flexible aspect symbol, argent avenger emblem, 1x heal, 1x grenade, 1x trinket.
    Stats would be: 150 HP, 125 armor (with -1s, -15%, -30% delay), but 100 toughness.

    Caveat nr 2: I'm not a good player;
    That said:

    Full tank DA:
    Shuricen catapult, Starshard ammo (or the faster reload...),
    Advanced DA armor
    Resilient Spirit Stone (+50 armor, 350 LP)
    1x health pack.
    You end up with 150 health, 145 armor, 120 toughness.

    0 grenades.
    (if a grenade is needed, and health = armor to you: invigorating aspect symbol (+30 health), argent avenger emblem (-30% armor regen delay), and then 1x plasma grenade is 1000 LP.
    Or, DA armor, Flexible aspect symbol, 1x grenade, and a trinket or 2.

    Operation Solo-Dakka:
    1x double shuricen catapult,
    no DA advanced armor
    Resilient spirit stone (+50 armor)
    2x medpack
    2x grenade
    Get in, toss grenade towards closest heavy (or concentration of enemies), hipfire-strafe closest target (s), jump over a railing/into cover, apply medkit 1. repeat.
    Other order: get in, dakka nearest, toss grenade at him to prevent the rezz, get out.

    I think faster regenerating armor is very nice;
    but with the fragility of the eldar it feels rather expensive; and I feel like I need all the base HP I can get.
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