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update game

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NoU, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. NoU Recruit

    Game player count lowest it get in a while, we need update soon to keep game alive
    Do update with all the stuff other than new map then new map update, two updates separately. New map take a long time to make, so it delay update by a lot.
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  2. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    Your innocence is adorable, but maybe inform yourselves before making suggestions.
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  3. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    Don't Worry. Assets are in development:

    Being serious @NoU they do not have the needed developers to create large amounts of new assets. New content is simply impossible for them to make right now. We (and they) already know that new content would help the game, but they do not have the budget/manpower to do that right now.
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  4. Sad but true. If we get a steam workshop where we can make basically anything and submit it, rather than simply skins, that problem could be at the very least reduced.
  5. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    In fact, they have a total amount of zero developers.
    There is just jbregg, but I don't know if he still does anything for the project, however its very limited what he can do.
  6. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    He still isn't a dev no matter what he does for EC.He's the Q&A guy doing a lead developer/mapper/texture artist/coders job for Q&A guy pay.

    Sheet there is probably many more that I missed.
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  7. Krayt Krayt Preacher
  8. Just look on steamcharts... He's right... We need an update or campaign

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