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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrentEllison, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. @BrentEllison I sincerely hope you will read this Brent, but could you take a hard look at how power attacks and light attacks have been interacting with each other lately. Light attack is supposed to be the counter to power attack, but it seems that lately the only time it properly counters the power attacks is when they are in the charge up phase of the attack, unless its a power fist. The power fist gets interrupted by lights no matter where it is in the animation. But this is a pretty huge issue imo because the non melee classes are already gimped really hard with winning exchanges still hurting their weapon and not being able to follow powers, or dbash's, with light attacks. It also means that the fastest melee weapon power attacks are nigh uncounterable. The melee attacker is able to get almost guaranteed kills just by power attacking with this in place. Not only that but when in a melee v melee fight, clangs take more durability damage if you were the one light attacking their power attack than the one power attacking you. It upsets the counter system severely.
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  2. Fiesty_Won Fiesty_Won First Blood!

    Does it fix the rock paper scissors melee to actually work? If it actually worked it might not be such a terrible system.

    I've been playing melee as a knife wielder and it really shines the bugs in the system. This isn't a "Git Gud" issue, this is the stated game mechanics not working at all.

    As a knife wielder in melee I experience this, which results in it being near impossible to win:
    • Dbash not working against fast attacks
    • Dbash getting user stunned vrs fast attacks
    • Fast attack after dbash is countered and usually causes weapon break (how can they even recover in time to defend the knife fast attack?)
    • Heavy attack is countered by Dbash (Lol what?!?!)
  3. Fiesty_Won Fiesty_Won First Blood!

    It be nice if it didn't insta kill at minimum. I would be even somewhat happy if it took players to a downed status.

    At least there is a chance of getting back into it.
  4. Ohyoupokedme Poked First Blood!


    If you're gonna make fun of someone have the balls to tag them. Thanks.
  5. Azrakhai Exosus Arkhona Vanguard

    *looks around nervously gripping choppa tightly*
    Eldar are OP...
    Eldar are OP...
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  6. Tarkis Apollyon Adamusar Arkhona Vanguard

    Grav weapons? Ohhh my. Those should be fun. Good to see the Space Marines getting a much needed buff.
  7. also they should little bit tunning on banshees and warlock heavy attack those attacks need little speed nerf
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  9. duffmek duffmek Well-Known Member

    the use of them on the TT is against high Toughness / AV targets aka big monstrous creatures (big nids) so this weap should only be awesome against vehicles and big creatures, so pve maybe .. BUT how these guys are going to copy that into the game mechanics .. hmm i dunno tbh its the same range as a melta and not much better ...
  10. Keep in mind this is just the Fire Dragon. I'm working on a more detailed Banshee and Warlock video that clearly shows how broken our game is at its core due to the speed advantages Eldar get in close combat and how Orks and Eldar players cannot physically counter them due to the limitations of the game mechanics.

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