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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrentEllison, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. Ryoz Ryoz Curator

    Why is everyone complaining about the plasma cannon? Don't Orkz have the Kannon Deffgun that has a bigger splash radius and do the same exact one hit kill button that people are complaining about? And the plasma cannon is not super accurate far off shots tend to drift up initially so you have to aim lower then the actual target and if its really far off they tend to drop to soon, or just dissipate. If your rushing a cannon usually not a good idea considering nine times out of ten they will suicide to kill you. I think people complaining are the ones not paying attention, hell most of the time a plasma cannon is your friend because you have idiots with no regard to team mates just splashing 5 down at a time clearing points for you.
  2. Nobb of Waaagh Nobb_of_Waaagh Well-Known Member

    Because (1) it is an instant kill, (2) you can charge behind cover, move, and shoot, unlike the lascannon, (3) you can control the charge, the Kannon Deffgun goes when it is done charging or whatever they call it. It doesn't give the user the ability to release it when he wants to. I am not sure that this is the same now with the Plasma Cannon, but before release you had control. I don't have it yet on my Iron Warrior because of the RQ issue, I don't have the money. It seems to have been buffed on the release. (4) On maps where defenders have a limited amount of tickets, insta-kill AOE is just awful.

    If I come out of cover and a plasma cannon is only a few feet away, rushing is my only option. I cannot retreat fast enough. The charge time seems to have been reduced because I cannot close the distance.

    I am cool with the power of the plasma cannon, but because it is a heavy weapon there should be the TT penalties for heavy weapon use. Basically template weapons cannot move and fire. This should be implemented by when you start charging you cannot move otherwise you lose the charge. The plasma cannon has every advantage but no disadvantage. Compare that to the lascannon which is complete crap, especially now that they have increased the durability of tanks.

    And the suicide kill is another advantage. Can't do that with the lascannon or heavy bolter. If a melee person assaults you and you are a lascannon, you are dead. As a HB you have some chance. As a plasma cannon, at least you'll take him down with you.
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  3. Redfingers Recruit

    Rate of fire on the Kannon is quite bad and you're extremely vulnerable walking around with it. Also have to reload per shot + charge.

    I haven't used the plasma cannon but holy F the balls of death that shoot out of that thing. It was like maybe one second between the balls?

    I'm more likely to get killed by the Kannon TBH, I get TK'ed all the time by it. So if you want to nerf that too it's kewl by me.

    PS I saw a dude get 60 kills with plasma cannon in a pub match. 30-40 is quite common. Clearly a high tier and strong weap.

    Edit, also, 140 pen. My veteran nob wearing 160 toughness gear got oneshot by a plasma cannon.
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  4. Ryoz Ryoz Curator

    Plasma cannons have a charge but if it is a master crafted it charges faster with a faster cool down but also if a person holds the charge to long it goes pop and stuns the user, plus it feels like when charging it does slow your movement. Now atleast with the plasma cannon you can see the ball of plasma coming at you. With the Kannon deffgun i honestly never see the shot i just know when the tip is red im dead. But the plasma cannon is meant to be anti infantry and when in mortar mode does decent damage to a vehicle. But also try rolling when the shot comes out I can't tell you how many times with a plasma cannon or plasma gun a Ork has rolled and take no damage and close the gap extremely fast.
  5. Ryoz Ryoz Curator

    Honestly I dont want to Nerf either i feel they are fine as is the orkz need that kannon deffgun to help with anti vehicle and also the hilarity just like with the plasma cannon when people apparently don't care about the team and just dumbly fire into crowds, which i wish people playing with those weapons actually payed attention to their shots, they might be getting a ton of kills but losing major points for team killing.
  6. You are absolutely right but I think the problem is less about the Plasma Cannon being OP and more about the other ranged weapons being quite underwhelming so everyone gravitates to the weapon that performs well.

    I know as a primarily tactical LSM player that after grinding through hours and hours of fights where you feel significantly disadvantaged by other factions OP qualities, the poor nature of your own weapons or being jumped by melee players because all the most important areas offer great cover, then the draw of a weapon that actually allows you to down all those other classes with comparative ease is hard to resist :)
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  7. Thuldarn Gaan_Cathal Well-Known Member

    It's both. A heavy weapon that allows you to be mobile and reliably OHK in CQC with minimal aiming required will always be OP. The Bolter is, however, in a really shitty place. As are all the 'basic line infantry' weapons except the Shoota (Orks having the best line infantry gun being weird enough).

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