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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fiendly, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. SniffSteven SniffSteven Steam Early Access

    I think he was talking about shooting through a friendly unit not currently in CC (which doesnt really m a
    I'm guessing he means shooting through friendly units before they are engaged in CC? Cus that's, like, the only way...
  2. Redfingers Recruit

    I don't think he did mean that seeing as he doesn't know what the rules are.

    First he said he would shoot through his tacticals and "rip them up," shooting through units through which you have LoS to the target does not result in casualties, it just gives a cover save to the target. That's cold posting. That's why the second post took the new information but still didn't comport with the actual game rules.
  3. Nic NicholaiPestot Well-Known Member

    Really? I just assumed he was talking about voluntarily falling back in his opponents turn, then shooting through your falling-back unit at the enemy they were in CC with.

    Back when I played TT (a few versions of the rules previously) I used to do something similar with Imperial Guard gunlines. My front line would intentionally buckle and collapse in my opponents turn, initiating a sweeping advance/consolidation by the enemy CC specialists. My second line would then gun them down, often firing through my retreating front line.

    Sometimes the sweeping advance would allow the CC squad to contact my second line, but due to the rules back then I would still be able to shoot at them, even though they were now technically in CC.

    It was supposedly an abstraction of the ability to shoot into the enemy when they are engaged with your units that are falling back rather than fighting back.
  4. Redfingers Recruit

    A sweeping advance in 5th ed-7th ed rules means the entire unit lost combat, then failed a leadership test, and it can result in the entire unit being completely wiped out, which means there would be nothing to shoot through. And even if you did, there would be no casualties from the shooting as you cannot shoot your own units. The target would simply get a cover save.

    You also can't voluntarily exit close combat unless you have the hit & run USR in 7th ed or combat tactics from the 5th edition (defunct) SM codex.
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  5. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    Good thing it's an adaptation of lore with the focus off of preset squad composition I guess? Balance is geared towards the best gameplay possible. Roles are adequate and still competitive in this environment.

    Although ffs; I wish the JPA launch was remotely as good as the Hawk's takeoff. Cover more range at least.
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  6. Antheus Fiendly Confessor

    I used to think the initial launch is okish, problem is if you use a second fuel cell while you're still in the sky, for some reason you have such a tiny thrust compared to the initial one. I don't think it will ever happen but it could be cool to have more or less the same thurst as the initial one if you hold the space bar for a bit.
  7. If this really becomes an issue for JPA's, I would be ok with making their Ground Pound muuuuch faster animated for less time hanging around in the sky and less time for ground troops to react/shoot their asses.

    Really put the shock into Shock Troop.
  8. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    JPA wouldn't be nearly as OP if they just limited power fist usability with JPA. Thats pretty much the only reason people've been bitching about JPA... or mostly at least :)
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  9. Eldar = faster & more manoeuvrable than other races = have to be less tanky to compensate (everyone accepts this)

    JPA = faster & more manoeuvrable than other classes = have to be less tanky to compensate (some people don't want to accept this)

    If you're against this nerf to JPA what exactly do you think JPA shouldn't be able to do? Currently they can take any role apart from long range fire support. They can take on anti-armour role, they can be line breakers, they can hunt heavies and are the most effective hard counter to a class in game with the possible exception of fire dragons and armour (but then they can't really do much else).

    The huge problem with EC is that it has been designed to allow footslogging infantry to get in to melee range which means loads of cover and loads of approaches to everywhere. There is a very narrow window for a ranged player to take down foot infantry before they closes the close the gap. Then give that foot infantry a rocket pack that makes them move much more quickly over that gap and (laughably) makes them immune to damage during the journey. Ranged players feel, justifiably in my opinion, that one on one they are always at a disadvantage to a JPA.

    JPA are simply too good in all situations so they need to have some drawbacks.
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  10. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    The problem lies (Imo ofc) in the ludicrus mobility provided by the JP coupled with the equally ludicrus ammount of I-frames.Those lead to situations where we get "classes" that simply ignore RPS etc etc.
    With that being said,trying to use the RPS against a tactical (and equivalents) and getting shot while in melee with that same tactical is cringe worthy.
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