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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fiendly, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Antheus Fiendly Confessor

    I wonder if you even take the time to read my posts to be honest. But I'll try to make it shorter :

    In next patch, assuming UAT changes are kept the same as they are right now, flanking will be plain easier and comfortable to do with a GA or a Boltgun Tac, what is the point of playing a JPA then ?

    JPAs aren't the guys pushing a line, they are the guys allowing a time-frame for their team to push the line and when I mean team, I mean the GAs can start to push the line, supported by the range weapon users and support classes.

    Not to mention, very few players, experienced ones or not, will enjoy being downed by a single burst of Boltgun. And with "very few players", I'm still optimistic.
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  2. Mozinwrath Mozinwrath Steam Early Access

    Considering that every model in 40k starts on the tabletop, it is the main source for determining what the "main roles" are. That includes Eternal Crusade.

    In a tabletop battle, if you made the stupid decision to frontline my Tactical squad with your Jump Assault, I would have no issues shooting through my own men with my Devastators to mow you down. Point for point, its still my gain and tactically sound. If I didn't, you would just rip through my Tacs and I would still be prey to your Jump Packs. But if you jumped over my Tacs, and rushed my Devastators, they would stand no chance. Then you can turn around and finish off the Tacticals. With the proper application, you caused more damage

    THAT is how they are designed to be used. In tabletop.

    Here, that same power applies, but we don't line up to shoot at each other. So there is no "line". That doesn't change the fact that the class really is intended to do a specific role. Harassment, Tank Removal, Support Removal. Not jumping from place to place engaging anything that moves.
  3. Saeritan Saeritan Arkhona Vanguard

    Except that the Devastators would be stood there twiddling their thumbs as you cannot fire into melee in Tabletop...
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  4. Antheus Fiendly Confessor

    Sure if EC was working like this, I'd be all with you regarding the way to use a JP dedicated squad, yet in EC, you need the JPAs to avoid ridiculous situations I listed in a previous post.

    In EC I can very well spend my game chasing unaware Devastators to kill, yet my impact in the game will be minor in the end, because those Devastators I'll be able to kill are probably not in any hot zone where they could be really useful, so nor am I. Not to mention playing like this is of 0 fun to me. I could do just the same with a Boltgun and still have a decent presence when big fights are going on.

    I'll take an example for these differences between EC and TT : a guy named Armgarion aka Doomofdoom did a Devastator video very recently with Heavy Bolter - you can find it in forums under Space Marine section, I suppose the way he plays it has nothing to see with how you play a Dev in TT, still I think he's playing it the way it's intended to be played in EC.

    From how I see things, JPAs are a crucial way to engage fights, if their ability to kill is too high for most people, then fair enough as I said I'm all for balance, but inducing such drastic changes regarding durability to this class won't be helping the game at any point. I'm sure many players will be happy about this nerf on a personnal level, but in the globality, I think this tweak is very bad for the game as a whole.
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  5. SniffSteven SniffSteven Steam Early Access

    Thank you, fucking THANK YOU for elaborating on this, finally a voice of reason here.
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  6. SniffSteven SniffSteven Steam Early Access

    Sorry to break it to you, but in TT (and in general lore, really) they also got the same toughness and armor as their ground assault and tactical and devastator and sorcerer/apothecary brethren. The only real difference being their high mobility and the ability to deep strike.
  7. Redfingers Recruit

    Why do people post about things they know nothing about?

    There is literally a rule in tabletop that says you cannot shoot into units engaged in close combat.

    It's their mobility that's OTT, not their role as shock troops. That's how they actually exist in tabletop. A JPA is simply an infantry model with double movement range.

    Ironically they're pushing their mobility to even more dumb levels so they're "hit and run" troops in EC, which isn't their role in TT.

    In TT there is no such thing as disengaging from close combat. If you flee more often than not you get cut to ribbons in a sweeping advance.

    I understand "mobility" and "flanking" is how they're being redesigned in EC right now (not really, they're just being nerfed), but jumping out of combat isn't a thing unless you have the Hit & Run special rule. Which usually assault marines don't have, because they're assault troops, go figure. This isn't just their TT rules, the lore even says they are frontal assault shock troops.
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  8. Mozinwrath Mozinwrath Steam Early Access

    I'm aware of the rule. I'm also aware that I cannot open fire the second the models touch bases. On my opponents turn. Trust me when I say on my turn, those models would not be in close combat anymore. Allowing me to fire on the JPAs, and THROUGH my Tacticals.
  9. Redfingers Recruit

    What are you talking about.

    You cannot shoot into close combat period, it doesn't matter whose turn it is.
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  10. Celestia Celestia Prefectus

    We could always allow the vehicles closer to B again on Agnathio. Just putting that out there.
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