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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fiendly, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Antheus Fiendly Confessor

    I'll try to grab a mate in the evening to take some footage of different JP situations use to specifically watch the i-frames, because by no way I feel you got a 1.5s immunity when you use a charge, it was true in the past, but I highly doubt it's still the case.
  2. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Consider that lag will probably affect it, in my games yesterday heavy attacks had no wind up and power fists warped into me

    The reason I frames might feel so horrible to fight yet feel underwhelming to utilise personally might be due to this actually, just like how people think Eldar evade is op when it has one of the shortest I frame durations in game.
  3. MF DOOM MF_DOOM Steam Early Access

    They need to address the iframes I can understand why they're there but it's too ridiculous as you're giving way too much forgiveness for approaching and completely fucking over ranged classes. It would be far better if they just gave specific types of damage resistances like if a plasma cannon shot hits you directly then you just get blasted but if a plasma cannon shot is just to the left/right of you then you get something like 50-75% DR [for grounded melee/assault units] rolling/dodging on a nade could be something like 25-50% DR. I can't count how many times I get so annoyed at the fact that I can't dbash and run away with my heavy which is fine but when they can just freely approach by rolling right through shots it's ridiculous then you take into account jpa power fisters and I just stand there because I won't kill them in a straight up 1v1 unless they're utter trash.

    Dbash also needs to be looked at and I shouldn't take clang damage and it should start the stun later in the animation because I can't even pick up my weapon and attempt to run before it runs out.
  4. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    Play with squad, engage when opponents engage team mates. You're not going to 1v1 much any longer, unless you go hunt for heavies or supports.

    Pray your team mates aren't ex LSM, unless its Shoulder.

    Go for backs when possible, disengage as soon as anyone looks in your general direction, hope you're not indoors.

    2 days ago I had a perfect game where I applied all of that and survived every time, would be perfect source material if I recorded it, I need to get some recording software.
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  5. Keep the posts civil guys.
  6. I don't know why everyone is talking about how "tanky" the GA is going to be. My vet is already pretty heavily geared for defense and still dies to lots of things.

    Also, and this isn't helping anything, but Powerfist/Klaw is still so far untouched which means that extra tank is still pretty much negated, especially if hit with a HA.

    I don't know if the JPA's are going to get nerfed too hard or not, but I do know they needed to be brought down. I think having low EHP but more mobility/more iframes is great for an ambushing/backline rogue-ish style play which is what JPA has become in the sense of getting to places they shouldn't be and outplaying people.

    The problem comes into play though when you think about how long they might hang in the air to get shot at now with ranged weapons that seem to be increasing in power with mods etc.

    I still think that those who were good at JPA will continue to be good, just not pulling 40+ kills a game anymore.

    However I can see these changes putting off new players easily from trying or maining(as much as one mains in EC) a JPA and could turn customers away who have the JPA "class fantasy" from Space Marine heh.
  7. Redfingers Recruit

    GA didn't really get that much EHP ultimately. They're looking at the 370 EHP range, and not with a power fist. A power fist is 500 LP and the shield is 250, so that leaves room for basically one piece of decent wargear and a medkit.

    Still really high relative to others but they cap out at 130 toughness (again not with a PF).

    The shield is the biggest component but it's not anything we're not seeing on live.

    I will say the shield is the one thing in the game that can take a power fist hit, and the Ork shield can't do that (gets permastunned). It can even take one strong attack from a P Fist should it come down to that.
  8. I actually survived a live Reaper cannon shot(the big explosion one, I mix the two names up, Star Shot?) with the shield raised. Broke it but I survived it, came out of nowhere I was like GAHD DAYUM!

    On the topic of shields, I really wish they'd at least change the Ork shield to not put you in a perma stagger animation when trying to shield AC shots. I know it's supposed to be "inferior" to the SS but god...that shit is just annoying.
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  9. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    GA is starved for Stam and Stam Regen still. Until that's rectified I strongly believe no amount of HP is going to make it feel suitably durable once you get into combat.

    JPA will work fine, it'll be back to a specialist class, and good players will still pull 40-50 kills a match. Seen it, lived it, survived it (it was fun too). The primary roll is messing with the backline and destroying Heavies. That said, PG taught me to fear coordinated JP squads, so if you want to play a devastating TT version of JPA get some buddies together and go ham. Works fine.
  10. Redfingers Recruit

    You can actually regenerate stamina in the middle of combat. I have literally never had an issue with stamina once engaged in close combat, only when getting shot at. All of my ground assault/slugga builds have just 2 stamina and no regeneration.

    Part of this is because aside from certain things, like rolling out of a d bash when someone disengages, or rolling out when someone is about to cast a defensive bash, there usually isn't a good reason to roll in close combat.

    Someone spamming fast attacks will hit you just due to the distance they travel while attacking.
    On top of that, it leaves you so vulnerable due to the recovery time when rolling and the capped turnspeed that it usually doesn't help you reorient in combat successfully.

    Fuel is much more important to the function of a JPA than stamina is to a GA in my experience. I literally don't even bother in any of my builds with stamina, not even on my nobs. I'd rather get 20 armor than bother with +1 stamina.

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